I am so sick of females complaining about their bras. “This wire keeps poking me.”, “I can’t wait till I get home, and can get out of this stupid bra!”,  or  “My straps keep coming loose.” Really?!?! If it’s so damn uncomfortable or inconvenient, then why the hell are you wearing it? No one said you have to wear one. And if someone did, then not only are they an idiot, but they are completely wrong. Why would anyone wear something that causes them so much grief and then go on to complain about it? Please stop.

I don’t wear/own bras, but you don’t see me complaining about sweaty boobs. (One of the unfortunate consequences of not wearing one.) I just deal with it. I deal with my decisions. You should try it too.

The way I see it, you can get a bra that fits properly and is comfortable for you (good luck with that), or stop wearing bras and be free.

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Choosing to wear a bra or choosing to be bra-free both have their ups and downs.

Wearing Bras

+ Helps you fit into certain clothes better.

+ They help disguise hyperactive nipples. (Not a medical term.)

+ Depending on how big they are, they can be good shock absorbers.

- They are uncomfortable.

- The cost adds up over time.

- It looks awful when people wear a top and you can see the outline or even the colour of the bra. (White shirt, black bra? Why?)

- False advertising.

Not Wearing Them

+ Feel free.

+ Save a lot of money.

+ No one has to listen to you complain about them.

- Sweaty boobs.

- You might want to invest in some kind of nipple covering. (If you care about people staring.)

At the end of the day, these are just my pros and cons. It all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable and what you want to do. Live your life. (And don’t complain.)

And then there’s the whole thing about modesty. Excuse you? What’s so immodest about breasts? Breasts are part of a lot of females whether you like it or not. Why should anyone be made to feel ashamed about their body? Bras don’t make you modest.

I am in no way 100% against bras, although I may have made it seem that way, especially to those who know me. I just hate the complaining that comes with it. I am actually on the hunt for a bra, because I would like to get back in dance and maybe even start running again.


Always remember,

Bras only stop boobs from sagging while they are being worn, but sagging will happen eventually.

It’s ‘bra-free’ not ‘braless’.

It’s your choice.

June is bra-free month. 

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