On the 11th of this month, for the first time ever, I left the continent. I was on my way to sunny Jamaica. Although my parents are from this island nation, I have never really had an interest in going. But when my uncle moved back there earlier this year, I told him that I would go visit him there. He died a few weeks ago, and I knew I had to go to the funeral. He was going to be my reason for going to Jamaica, and he was. I just wasn’t expecting it to be like this.

As unfortunate as the circumstances were, I was fortunate enough to be staying there for a whole week after the funeral. A week of dealing with the death and of meeting a whole lotta family I’ve never met, and sometimes heard of, before. The trip wasn’t meant to be all bad. And it wasn’t…

For the first three days, I stayed at the Golf View Hotel with my mother and one of my aunties.

Here’s what I had for breakfast at the hotel…

On all three dishes there's Callaloo, dumplings and fried plantain. On the second, some kind of fried fish I think. And on the third, pickled salt fish.

Seriously? I don't know why we were taking pictures by the hotel pool. We never went in it.

Checked out of the hotel, and waiting for our ride. So tired. 

From the hotel, we stayed with our cousin and his awesome family. My cousin’s wife, Maxine, is a great cook. I have never been a big fan of Jamaican curry dishes. I used to prefer Indian and Japanese curry dishes, but Maxine changed that. And ackee and salt fish two times in one week!?! When can I go back?

Here’s some Jamaican money…

I don’t have the $50 bill or the $1, 25¢ or 10¢ coins.

And here’s $40.
But not really. 

(What a flattering picture of me, huh?) This was taken at one of my aunt’s house. The heat was really getting to me. Maybe I couldn’t actually live in Jamaica. I’d pick winter over summer any day. Bring on the snow. 

One day near the end of our trip, my mom and I decided to be tourists. We drove through Allan Bamboo (Allan Bambu), took some pictures on the side of the road by the water, went to Lovers Leap and picked up dinner at Little Ochie

We stopped to take some pictures at Allan Bamboo.

Lovers Leap

Lovers Leap. A view from where Mizzy and Tunkey jumped.

The next day I went with my mom to visit a whole lot of people, and see the house she grew up in. 

That's the house. Coconut tree in the front yard. NBD

This dog kept trying to sneak up behind me. He was either trying to play with me or kill me. I guess I'll never know. 

If you know me, you know I hate flowers. But I ended up taking a lot of pictures of nature.

It's hard to believe that something so cute can be so tasty. I want one as a pet. Promise I'll never cook it. 

That look on my face is what fear looks like. I was so scared to bring him closer to me. They're not so cute when they grow up.

There's a first time for everything.

Last one,
I took this in front of my cousin's house. 

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