Pacific Mall

Yesterday I finally made my way down to Market Village and Pacific Mall. I was so happy to be back there. Last time I went, I was really pressed for time.

First I made went into Market Village. I love this place because it’s not as crowded and loud as Pacific Mall. There are a couple of stores in there that I really like, and the first of them that I went into was awesome. The first thing I saw was six baskets filled with mostly O.P.I Nail Lacquer. The deal for them was, buy 5, get 1 free. And at $1 each, I ended up walking away with two dozen. My shopping day was off to a great start.

3.75mL, I love small bottles of nail polish.

Now on to Pacific Mall, I really wanted to get a new case for my phone, preferably Hello Kitty or Keroppi themed. No such luck. This mall is obsessed with the overrated iPhone, and almost nobody had cases for the Galaxy Ace. And the few stores that do have cases for my phone only had plane ones. Looks like I need to be paying ebay a visit.

I may not have gotten a Hello Kitty phone case but I did get plenty of other hello kitty related stuff. 

かわいいイヤリング. $5 each pair. 
Hello Kitty Beanie Baby – I’d wear that dress.  

Phone plug thingy and an eraser.

I also got the movie, 1911. I remember watching the preview for this movie a while ago. I prefer Jackie Chan in Chinese movies over Hollywood movies.

I bought two J-Dramas, Absolute Boyfriend (絶対彼) and Q10. Have any of you guys seen these ones? Are they any good?

OH WAIT!!! I forgot to mention why I took the trip to these malls in the first place. Yeas I really love them and wanted to spend some money. But my number one goal was to get the Japanese version of BIGBANG’s Alive. I got BIGBANG 2 from this one store in P-Mall a long time ago, and I figured they would have this version of the album. But no. when I talked to the lady who works there, she said she would have to order it.  I would have been all game for that, until she revealed to me that I would be dropping a bill and a half. Does the mini album not come on it’s own? I really love BB, but I could do without the DVDs , posters and whatever else comes with it. So this was clearly the biggest disappointment of the day for me. I love BB. I am one of the crazy VIPs who stayed up almost all night and skipped a class, all just to help push the Blue MV to 10 million views before the clock struck 12am in Korea.

And while we’re on the topic...

Dear YG Entertainment,

Please tell us when the boys will be coming to Toronto for their Alive tour. Kaythanksbai.

Yours truly,

Winter (VIP)

And back to P-Mall. The final purchase, my first ever pair of contact lenses. The store where I bought them is the first place I stopped into in the mall. The lady told me the price and I thought about it throughout my whole mall trip. And finally right before I was about to leave, I decided to go back and buy a pair. 

Geo Magic Color Lens OL-104 
Can't wait to try these!

Well that’s it for that trip. I think I did pretty good. 

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