Sleepless Night

I’ve calmed down, so now I will type. I have been attacked by spiders, and it all started like this.

This past Monday when I returned from Jamaica, I noticed a dead spider on the floor of my room. I thought that was strange, but whatever, I moved on with my life. Then later in the night, before I went to sleep, I noticed a spider crawling on the wall above my closet, which is on the opposite side of my room from my bed. I wasn’t very comfortable with that, but I let it be and slept in my room anyways. Traditionally, if there’s a spider in my room and I can’t get someone to remove it or I’m too lazy to get the vacuum and get myself, I don’t sleep in my room. I am terrified of spiders. Those creatures are one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.

24 hours later, as I lay in my bed watching Green Lantern, I saw something out the corner of my eye moving across my pillow. So I calmly got up, turned on the light in my room and removed my computer, phone, mp3 player and baby blanket off my bed. The spider then began to speed across my bed only to come to a sudden stop just a few seconds later. I quickly picked up a plastic shopping bag and held it by the spider. It then dropped, or jumped, into the bag and I swiftly moved the bag away from by bed. But me not being the brightest of the bunch, dropped the bag on some boxes that are in my room, and before I could pick it back up and remove the bag from my room, the spider crawled it’s way out. So I decided to zip up my suitcase and return to the movie. What are the chances of that thing making it’s way back to my pillow?

Less than three minutes after I had settled back into my bed and gone on with the movie, I saw something move across my pillow, so again, I turned on the light and removed my things from my bed. Only this time I stood in the middle of my room staring at this spider and assessing the situation. While I was doing that I saw a reflection in my mirror moving. I quickly turned around and saw another spider crawling on the wall. I looked at my then the wall. Bed. Wall. And maybe again, bed, wall. Clearly I would not be sleeping in my room.

I gathered my things, went downstairs, informed my brother and sister of my ordeal, set up shop on the couch, and finished watching Green Lantern. Notice this blog continues.

Approximately an hour and a half after the movie, I was checking my emails, twitter and tumblr account. Just living my life. Then suddenly, something starts moving across my keyboard. (The lights are off and I only have the light of my computer, but I knew it was a spider.) So me, still being shaken by the events of the night, dashed my computer to the floor and run to get the light. As I look upon my beloved computer, I see the attacker removing itself from the scene. Can someone please tell me what’s going on?

I checked my computer, and it’s running just fine. And no word of a lie, as I type this sentence, another spider (or maybe the same last attacker), is going up and down it’s web across the room from me.

I just want some sleep, but I know I won’t get any. And with that, I shall continue to roam the internet and think of a way to take back my bedroom so I don’t have to have another sleepless night. 

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