Where Has June Gone?

I haven’t posted in a while. I want to say it’s because I’ve been busy, but I don’t want to lie to you. I have been so lazy. I started at my new job this month. First job in 7 years! I know, crazy right? That’s a story for another time. But I started at this new job, working as a host in a restaurant. It’s alright, but since it’s only part time and I don’t like being social, I have pretty much been staying indoors when I’m not at work.

This past Thursday, I went down to the Japan Foundation library, A. because I haven’t been there in so long and B. because the internet wasn’t working here. Either way, it got me out of the house. I found some really good books to help keep going with Japanese. I refuse to lose what I already know. Although, that might be difficult now…

I have finally found a Korean course for the summer, and I’m starting today. It actually started last Saturday, but I didn’t know about it until Sunday. I’m so excited. I’m trying to remember the complex vowels right now, but it’s 5:11 in the morning. I don’t think that’ll be happening before I get to class.

On a random note; I just found out about the Google chrome themes. So cool. And yes, I know I’m really late to the game.

Happy Pride!!
Can I do that? Just did. 
Don't know where it's from originally.

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