Finally!! New Hair

For years now I’ve wanted to dye my hair, but my parents would never allow that. But over the past few years I have found it easier to get away with things that I would have been punished for before. First I start wearing nail polish, I started going to the movies and then I stopped wearing skirts and dresses when I go to visit my mom’s side of the family. Then last year I did Katimavik and got my ears and nose pierced. So I figure by now, no one’s gonna case or be surprised by anything I do.

I have been planning to get my hair dyed this summer for a while now. But then my pay cheques started coming in and I saw how little money I was making. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to afford to get my hair done by professionals, I have to save up for school.

On to plan B.

Yesterday I was in the mall cause I had to buy some stuff, and I just took a quick look at the hair products section in a store that shall remain unnamed. When I saw the hair dyes I got so excited. I didn’t realize how little it costs to do your own hair. I’m so slow to catch on to these things sometimes. So I bought 2 boxes of 374 Rich Auburn by Dark and Lovely, $6.97 each. And I bought plastic caps for when the chemicals are in, 6 pack for $2.96. I also bought some deep conditioning packs and new shampoo, but that doesn’t count as the colouring costs. So a total of less than $20 after taxes to colour my hair at home. I can maybe get my hair washed at the salon at that price.

When I woke up this morning, I knew that I wanted to do it, but I was so scared. But then my friend Melissa tweeted this: @MelissaEggert "Time for a change I think. May or may not go blonde today". I took it as a sign. ^_^ Check out her blog here. Maybe she'll do a post about her hair too.

So here it goes...

This is what my hair looked like on Friday. 

The test piece. I cut off a bit much eh? Dried and straightened.

With all those yummy chemicals.

When the cap was on, I used a blow dryer for about 10 minutes. Apparently this is supposed to help the colour stick a little better. Also, I got rid of half of my sideburns last night.

And out of the shower. I freaked out a little when I saw how light my baby hairs at the front are, but that only last a couple of minutes. The colour's pretty noticeable right? 

So light at the front, but I like it.

People always go on about how bad colouring your hair is, and how fried it feels afterward, but honestly my hair doesn't feel that much different than it did before. The only complaint I have is, my hair is more frizzy now. My hair didn't get frizzy very easily, even on a hot day, but now it is. That's pretty minor though. At least my hair didn't fall out, and hopefully it won't. Not that it matters now. It’s been done. No regrets.

Before and After
You like?


  1. I like you with black hair...but then again, I'd have to see you in person.


  2. Looks cool! I like ur new hair:)

  3. Sorry Mo, but a change was in order.

    Thank you Chris.