Nail Polish, Ice Cream & Mr. Hiddleston

I went back to Market Village and Pacific Mall again a while back. I didn’t even get what I went there for, but I did get a few things.

More nail polish. I love these new colours. So much sparkles.

Of course I had to get something Hello Kitty related. I got it at Pacific Mall. I don’t think I really need another earphone plug, but w/e

I got two new dramas, 99年の愛~Japanese Americans~ and モリのアサガ. I have to stop buying these. It takes me forever to get through one episode. I'm gonna watch one of them without subtitles so I can just watch and enjoy.

Ice Cream

I am lactose intolerant, but I really miss ice cream. So I was watching the overly dramatic Dr. Oz Show some time last month (I think), and I remembered hearing something about a banana/blueberry treat. So basically, it’s just frozen bananas and blueberries put through a food processor. I can’t remember what else was supposed to be in it, if anything, but here’s what I came out with.

So yummy. Really does remind me of ice cream.

If you’re gonna make this, don’t use *ster. Figure out the first letter yourself. I regret not bringing my Magic Bullet with me back from school. The *ster took forever to blend this. I had to put it back into the freezer for a while after I was finished blending cause it got too soft. Either way, I loved it, and next time I’m gonna try using different fruits. But I think a banana is necessary to get the right texture.

And now...

My favourite video of Tom Hiddleston. A compilation of some impressions he has done during various interviews. Too good.

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