London 2012 - Closing Ceremony

My last post on London's Games, and it's all about the party. There were so many musical acts in the show, and I don’t care to talk about all of them. But I just want to know where Coldplay in all of this though. Spice Girls, Muse and Coldplay are all I asked for.

And so the show begins…

Emeli Sandé makes a couple of appearances. She was in the opening ceremony, so I wasn’t too fond of her getting so much face time here. And I think her performance from the opening ceremony was better than what I saw yesterday. 

Churchill was chilling in the tower reciting Shakespeare. Sure, why not? I couldn’t help but notice that all the cars were driving on the wrong side of the road. What’s up with that? (Bad joke. Shut up.) Everything was covered in newsprint. I guess the English people really like reading newspapers? 

Harry representing the Queen. She was smarter than the rest of us by not showing up. But for some reason I thought it was cute to see him there. 

I loved seeing the Royal Guards make an appearance. It took me back to Vancouver 2010. 

The Petshop Boys perform something. Excuse me while I just zip through this stuff.

One Direction

What?! How long have these guys been around? A year maybe? Wait. I don’t actually care how long they’ve been around. I was just so offended on so many levels. Up until yesterday, I had never heard one of these songs, and then they just appear. Why me? Why would they do this to me? Allowing One Direction to perform in this show is like Canada showing off Nickelback or Justin Bieber. Or America showing off Nicki Minaj or chris brown. Are you really proud of these people? Cause I would be embarrassed. Oh wait, I am embarrassed. We did let Nickelback perform at our closing ceremony. A dark day for our nation.

Flag Bearers Enter the Stadium

Christine Sinclair was not my first choice for flag bearer, but I knew she would get it. Of course they would choose the favourite. But I was really happy for her. It looked like she was on cloud 9 holding our flag. I can’t be mad at that. The athletes then entered the stadium. This took a while, but obviously not as long as it did two weeks ago. 

Oh hai there Japan.

Loving the Canadian jackets. The should have made it a full Canadian Tuxedo with the pants. Oh god, how great would that have been?

Final Medal Ceremony

The guy handing out the flowers, what is his name? This man just grabbed the bouquets by the tops, not the stems, but the tops. I couldn’t help but laugh. He clearly wasn’t that interested in being there. Congratulations to the medal winners. I’ve always wanted to win the Men’s Marathon so I could get my medal in front of everybody. So cool. 

The Show Really Begins 

Opening with Queen and John Lennon. So great, I always get excited when something Queen related comes up. And Imagine is such a great song. George Michael performs next. I’m pretty sure he lip synced his second song. Can we just pause for a moment? What kind of stupid Olympic tradition is this? I will never forget our Vancouver games when some of the performers lip synced. Most notable, Michael Buble. So frustrating. We all know you can sing, so why let the recording do the work for you? It also happened in the Beijing closing ceremony. Ah well.  


By this time, I was waiting for Rio’s presentation. Was this really necessary? Do I really need to see these people walking? I just… I just can’t. Please give me a moment.

It was a good thing Annie Lenox came out when she did. Not the biggest fan of the song choice, but the visuals kept me watching. But then a bunch of guys with guitars started performing and we got a shot from Niagara Falls of that dude walking a type rope. And BAM!! The dummy’s on fire. I would like to take this time to thank CTV for explaining that one to me.

Russell Brand

Does everybody love this man? I think everyone should love this man. Willy Wonka and a Beatles song. I don’t even like the Beatles, but Brand is so entertaining. The show was going back down and he brought it back. Fatboy Slim then follows. So he’s British. Learn something new every day. Anyone else notice the people in the octopus? 

And It Goes Back Down 

Who is Jessie J? Who is Tinie Tempah? And since when was Taio Cruz from the UK? So many questions. 

Spice Girls 

Finally. This performance was the only thing that I was sure of. Wow. These women. Just wow. I was so ready for this. I was a little scared the one of them would fall, but they pulled it off. I don’t even know if I like the Spice Girls or if I like the idea of them. I remember when I went to Ottawa in ’97 and I kept going back to Zellers to waste all my money on Spice Girls barbies. Sad, but true. They are a huge part of my childhood, and I was happy to see them. And their outfits. So perfect. It’s exactly what I expected. 

Eric Idle and the Victoria’s Secret Models

This was the best part of the show. Let’s sing a song that everyone knows and throw some interesting people into the mix. Oh and hey, let’s put some Bhangra music in there too. Nothing short of brilliant. I loved this whole part. 

Muse & Queen 

This is what I wanted. This is working out beautifully. The show is going up fast. I can’t believe I once forgot about this band. 

Seeing Freddie Mercury was great. An odd thing to say, considering that it was recorded years ago. But he was great. He’s a legend. 

But then Queen made a bad move. They performed one of their most if not the most recognizable songs with Jessie J. Why did she come back? And why does she do that weird screeching thing? Not good. Just not good.

OH NO!!! The flag is coming down. An emotional moment for many. The Olympic anthem was then performed, and I just sat there and kept thinking, “I should probably learn this song.” It really is a beautiful one.

Passing of the Flag

From London to Rio. The opening and closing ceremonies may not have been very impressive this time around, but these games have been amazing. I am still a little bitter about Rio getting the next games and not Tokyo, but I think I’m over it now. I was ready for London to stop trying to wow me. The presentation wasn’t amazing, but it was fun. I’m not familiar things Brazilian and I had no idea who Pele is, but it’s all good. Who was that tall woman? Miss Universe maybe? Does that even happen anymore? 

Anywho, Canada didn’t impress me when they had their presentation at the end of the Tourin games. But look at the amazing show this country put on back in 2010. I still have hope for Rio. It can’t be worse than what I sat through this year.

The Phoenix

Take That performing Rule The World. I actually like this song. Who are these guys? They performed just after or during the spreading out of the chouldran. I thought it looked better like that. 

Then ballet dancer, Darcey Bussell stole the show for me. This is where the show should have ended. End it with something big. In my eyes, you can’t go wrong with a ballet number. I am a little biased though. 

And then the worst thing ever happened; the flame went out. It’s done. It’s really done. Four years until Rio. So sad. Can you believe this has gone by so fast? The Who closed the show, but… whatever.

Well London, it's been fun. Not the ceremonies, but the actual games. Thank you for hosting the world. And congratulations on all your medals. So much history was made over the past couple of weeks. I have been introduced to different sports through these games and now have things like Shot Put and the Decathlon to look forward to in 2016. It's been a blast, but my body is ready to go back to a regular sleep schedule. 

Oh! And a big thank you to everyone who has read my posts on these games. I really appreciate it. ありがとうございます!감사합니다!

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