London 2012 – It’s All Over

So soon? I'm never prepared for this. The Olympics are quickly winding down, and we have to wait another two years for another one. Unless of course you're only into the Summer Games. Rio seems so far away. 

This week has been another emotional one, for the athletes, for the world and for me. So much heartbreak. But it's the big moments, the unexpected ones and the history that's made that always has me coming back for more. 

South Africa's Oscar Pistorius made history just by competing in these games. Jamaica's Usain Bolt smashed a couple more Olympic Records, no big deal. And host nation Great Britain wins more medals than they have won since the 1908 Games in London.

Monday August 6th

I was too busy chilling with my family to watch anything. I watched the highlights of the Women’s soccer match against America. You know, the one we should have won. So disappointed, I would have loved to see Canada go against Japan, the defending FIFA champions, in the gold medal match. 

Tuesday August 7th

I didn’t even go to sleep on Monday cause I was too busy writing up my last post about the games. I had the TV on all night watching different segments on athletes that have already and had yet to compete. I finally got to see a replay of the Men’s 100m Final. It’s amazing how nervous I get, even though I already know what happens. It was beautiful. I want to watch it again and again.

I saw the fall about ten minutes after it happened. These are the moments that break my heart. Simon Whitfield had just got on his bike after the swimming leg of the Triathlon had finished, when he lost balance after going over a speed bump taking fellow triathlete Leonardo Chacon of Costa Rica down with him. It's amazing how Chacon responded to Whitfield after the race. Here's the letter he posted on facebook. So classy.

Then the 200m heats begin. I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I watched Bolt and Blake fly through their respective heats, and then I went straight to my bed.

Seven hours later...

Canada’s Derek Drouin brings home a bronze medal in High Jump. Not usually a sport that I watch in the games. But when I have nothing to do, I just sit in front of the TV and watch whatever CTV, TSN and NBC throw my way. There were so many different events happening in the Olympic Stadium at the same time. The focus kept jumping around. But every time a Canadian was up, CTV made sure to cover it. 
So congrats to you and your medal. Canada is surely proud. 

Another Bad Call That Hurts Team Canada 

I don’t even watch boxing. I find it really boring, but this is the Olympics. I watched the replay of the Custio Clayton – Freddie Evans quarter-final match. This is definitely not Canada’s games. So many upsets, and this was just another to add to the list. After the 14-14 tie breaker decision went in Evans favour, Canada made an appeal, but the judges stuck by their decision. Such a shame.

Wednesday August 8th

Three more medals!! YAY CANADA!!! 

Adam van Koeverden takes the silver in the Men's Kayak Singles 1000m. He is one of my favourite Canadian athletes. He did such a good job. I'm so proud of him.

Mark Oldershaw celebrates with his bronze medal that he earned in the Men's Canoe Singles 1000m. He is the fifth member in his family to compete at an Olympics, but the first of them to win a medal. Congratulations Mark!

Wrestler Carol Huynh, right, won a gold medal in Beijing, and comes back for years later with a bronze finish in the Women's 48kg. Canada's third medal of the day. 
America's Clarissa Kyoko Mei Ling Chun also celebrates her bronze medal in the same event.

Thursday 9th

Canada wins the bronze!!! I’m so proud of this team. It’s crazy how they got cheated out of the finals. Why was the stadium so empty though? 
As I watched the medal ceremony at work, I couldn’t help but think that Canada and America were on the wrong part of the podium. Ah well. 

Congratulations Canada and 日本、おめでとうございます! Good games to the both of you.

“I would take an Honest Bronze over a Tainted Gold any day!”

Bolt. Blake. Weir. OMG!!! I was freaking out for this one. So happy I got to see it live. Can’t lie though, I didn’t even see Weir. 

"Is there a throne in England big enough to hold this man?"


Watching the 200m final again, with my sister this time. Usain Bolt is going on with his little pre-race show, and she asks “Yo, what is this guy doing?” 
I tell her to leave him alone, he’s the fastest man in the world. 
She's like "No, what about that other guy?" 
I look at her like WTF is this kid talking about? “You mean Donovan Bailey?” 
“Buddy, Bolt beat his record four years ago. Are you serious right now?”

I’m pretty sure she’s the last person to find out.

Friday August 10th

Didn’t watch much today. Slept in late. Picked up my wallet. Bought a few things at the store. Got caught in the rain. Cooked dinner.

I had no idea that Japan and Korea were facing each other in the Men’s bronze medal soccer match. I had been paying so much attention to the women. How often does that happen in sports? Anywho, I’m glad I didn’t know about it cause I would have been so stressed watching that game. I wouldn’t know who to cheer for. 

Congratulations Korea!

Now the big question is, will the Japanese Women’s soccer team still be flying economy while the men fly business? The women sure do deserve a bump up.

I remember watching Rhythmic Gymnastics when I was younger. Probably the ’96 and maybe the ’00 games. But it never occurred to me that it was still in the Olympics until Nina Dobrev mentioned it on twitter. Really people? Why is this thing still in the Olympics? Why aren’t these people in Cirque du Soleil? I think that would be a more appropriate setting for their… skills. I propose that we replace Rhythmic Gymnastics with Cricket? Good idea right?

Moving on to BMX. So apparently it’s not just for the X-Games. How long has this been in the Olympics? I’m actually happy about this one. It’s one of the more exciting events in the Games, but also one of the scarier ones. I hope my future children won’t take a liking to this sport. I don’t think I’d be able to handle the stress. 

The fact that Canada had the 3rd best qualifying time in the Men’s 4x100m Relay is just… wow. Where did that come from? Do we actually have a shot at a medal?

Saturday August 11th

The Men’s 4x100m Final. Another race that I didn’t get to see live. I knew that Jamaica would get the gold, but I didn’t want to see anything that had to do with the result of the race. No interwebs for hours, just to avoid the result of the race. I wanted to see it myself. But as I was waiting for CTV to show it again, I briefly saw some something about “Canada’s Heartache”. So from then to when I saw the race finish I was freaking out. But why? What heartache? 

I couldn’t believe it. Fortunately, the replay didn’t go through the whole thing and I didn’t celebrate for as long as the rest of Canada did when it was live. I was so shocked. The water works started for me yet again. Nothing in these games made me cry as much as this outcome. I'm still so proud of you all though. You guys put Canada back on the Track map. 

A big congratulations to Jamaica though. I couldn't celebrate with you as much as I had with your other victories, but I am really proud of you all.

Still To Come...

So who do you want to bring in the Canadian flag? Personally, I’m going to go with Damian Warner. I think he represents what the Olympics are all about. He had an amazing performance in the Decathlon, doing better than he has ever done before in six out of the ten events. What more can we ask of our athletes? What an inspiration.

I'll be back with my thoughts on the Closing Ceremony. Who's ready for the Spice Girls?!

What's your favourite/least favourite moments of these games?

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