London 2012 - More Than Halfway Through

I’m going to start off by saying that this had been the worst Olympics for me ever. I don’t know why, but I have been really depressed from day two or three up until now. So I have been sleeping a lot, getting up only to go to work, and therefore missing a crap load of events. Thankfully, CTV has really good coverage of the Olympics, and they replay the main stuff at least two times during the day. And if I’m really desperate to watch something but not willing to wait up for CTV’s second round of replays, there’s always NBC.

Saturday July 28th

The first part of the Olympics is all about water. Who didn’t watch at least one of Michael Phelps’ races? I missed the first one, because I was at class, but on my way home, I was just waiting to hear the good news, only to hear that Phelps not only didn’t win gold, but didn’t even place on the podium. O.O I wasn’t ready for that. Disappointed, but what’s done is done.

Sunday July 29th

Men’s 4x100, Freestyle Relay. What happened to Lochte?

Monday July 30th

I don’t watch Fencing, but when I heard about what happened to South Korea’s Shin A Lam, I couldn’t help but cry. You would think that I’m related to these athletes by the way that I go on during the games. Too involved. I need help.

Anywho, congrats to Shin A Lam for getting a silver on Saturday in the Women’s Team Épée.

Tuesday July 31st

Phelps wins silver in the 200m Butterfly. I believe this was the moment when people, myself included, started to doubt that the Phelps we remember from Beijing was going to make an appearance at these games. But then the gold started coming in, starting with the 4x200m Freestyle Relay. Welcome back.

Wednesday August 1st

Weightlifting is another thing that I don’t usually watch during the Olympics. It’s more of a filler for me, when I’m waiting for something else to start. But mostly, I don’t watch it because I’m afraid that I’m going to see someone’s arm pop off. I did see a replay of Lu Haojie’s silver medal performance in the Men’s 77kg though. The things that these athletes put themselves through is insane. Of course I was crying while I watched this man go through that extreme pain. How much can the human body take? Good on you man.

Thursday August 2nd

Gabby Douglas. Wow. This girl is a beast. This is the first year that I didn’t pay too much attention to Gymnastics in the Olympics, but I watched these finals. I can’t believe how amazing Douglas is at what she does. Where did she come from?

Friday August 3rd

I can’t lie; I didn’t know that Shot Put was called Shot Put until Thursday. I never watched this before. But then I saw this man…

It was love at first sight. I am officially a Shot Put fan, and it may or may not be because of the men that compete in this sport. Lately I’ve been having all these feels for big tall man. I risked being late for work just so I could watch the finals for this event. I would have loved to see Armstrong win a medal, but he’s 5th in the world. That’s a big deal. I am still so proud of him.

Where can watch shot put competitions year round?

Then we have Cullen Jones. I knew this guy was fast, but excuse my disbelief. I can’t believe that the second fastest man in the water is black. Amazing. Good for you buddy.

Saturday August 4th

What a day. I was so confused about when things were getting started. I saw that CTV’s Olympic coverage would be starting at four in the morning, but I didn’t know exactly what time the 100m heats would start. I decided to go to bed right away so that I could get up early in the morning. Instead of getting up at four, I woke up at five thirty and immediately started freaking out. I was worried that I missed Bolt race. (In case you’re wondering why I really wanted to watch the heats, it’s because on Sunday I would be at a wedding and I knew I wouldn’t get to see the finals, but I really wanted to see Bolt race at least once during these games.)

So I’m sitting here in front of the TV watching the Women’s Triathlon, waiting to find out if the heats happened yet. Have I mentioned before that I get really emotional during the Olympics? The commentators kept talking about Paula Findlay, and every time the camera went on her, she was crying. I had no idea what was going on at the time, but then I found out that she has been dealing with a hip injury for the past year. You could see the pain in her face as she pushed herself to finish the race. Of course the water works were on right here in the TV room. And when she was apologizing to Canada… No. Please don’t. I can’t handle it when our athletes apologize for their performance. You did what you could. You represented Canada. And you have made us proud. Your only 23 years old, you have more Olympics in your future. Just come back home, heal up properly and take it all in Rio.

Now back to Track. I finally realize that I have not missed the heats. But it’s getting close to time for me to leave for class, and I haven’t even showered yet. But you know what? I was not going to miss this. America takes the first three and Jamaica the next three. That’s all. That’s all I wanted to see.

First I might be late for work, and then I might be late for class. It’s a good thing these games don’t go on for long, cause they might get me into trouble.

Sunday August 5th

Between the wedding ceremony and reception, I got some internet access on my phone, thanks to my cousin. I kept refreshing the page on twitter to see what was happening. And finally, the tweets staring rolling in. Bolt and Blake, one and two. It was a good day for the Olympics indeed. What a gift for Jamaica to get on the day before their 50th.

I have yet to see the Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay and Bolt’s OR performance in the Men’s 100m.

What are your highlights of the games so far?

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  1. Thanks for the Olympic rundown..haha, having not watched a single one, this is great info:)

    1. Thanks. ^_^
      Did you at least watch the opening ceremony?

  2. LOL hahahahaha "I can’t lie; I didn’t know that Shot Put was called Shot Put until Thursday. I never watched this before". I literally almost coughed up my tea when I read this hahaha you sound just like me! LOVE YOU

    1. BAHAHA!! Love you Mel.

      I just had to put it out there. I'm a real sports fan. I promise.