Everyone Needs Clothes (Preferably Clothes That Fit)

This is why yesterday sucked...

Forever 21, Old Navy, Bluenotes, Voluptuous, Walmart, Reitmans, and Laura. (So much more really, but this post will be long enough.)

First stop, Forever 21

I always hear people go on about how good this store is because they have clothes for bigger people. So I, being a bigger person, went in thinking that I would find some stuff to buy. I always see people with really cute things from there. What a big disappointment. Forever 21’s plus size section isn’t even one tenth of the store. It’s smaller than the men’s section. In case you were wondering, I’m talking about Scarborough Town Centre. That’s a really big location.

Moving on…

Old Navy 

I used to love this store. They always have good deals and they used to have a lot of really nice things. But I don’t know what’s going on with these guys right now. I can only buy so many tank tops and v-necks. I saw a whole lotta mom and skinny jeans. No thank you. You guys are losing me.


I already knew walking into this store that the clothes in the women’s section won’t fit me so I walked straight to the other side. This is where I usually buy my shirts. But I was looking for pants on this trip. But guess what? None of the pants fit me. None of the pants in the men’s section fit me. This is crazy.

It fits, but…


I’ve always wanted to go into this store. I figured I would be able to find something here as it is geared towards bigger women. No such luck. There’s nothing wrong with the sizes here, I’m not going to complain about that. But the style. This store is clearly geared towards a certain type of woman. (If you don’t know what I mean by that, please check it out for yourself.) I’m not that person. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in those clothes, and on top of that, the prices don’t have university students in mind.


I’m not proud of this, but I’ve been going to Walmart. Everyone can talk shit about Walmart till the cows come home. But when you’re on a budget and no one else is offering what you need, what other choice do you have? I bought some dresses from them earlier this year, and I never have to worry about clothes that fit. I don’t even have to go to the plus size section.

Yesterday just wasn’t my day. Even though my focus was on pants, I couldn’t help but notice their awful selection in everything else. Nothing cute and no colours. (My Prof. would be disgusted with the lack of colours in this and almost all the other stores mentioned in this post.) And the only pants they have are mom jeans and dress pants. Seriously?

Soon after I got out of there, I texted my big sister; “The mall doesn’t like fat people.” I told her about my dilemma and she suggested that I go to Reitmans. I haven’t been in there for years. I’ve always hated that store. I had to wear their clothes for a very long time because I was such a fat kid. Maybe this is why I was so depressed as a kid. I never got to wear age appropriate clothing. But I gave it a chance anyways.


As soon as I walked in, I knew that this wasn’t going to work out for me either. Yet again, sizing was not a problem, but it all comes down to style. I know what you’re thinking, “Why is she so picky?” I’m not. These clothes were made for working women. For career women. And this is the same thing that I told my sister. I’m about to go into my second year of university. Why should I show up to all my classes looking like I should be going to a nine to five job? I want to be comfortable. It’s the only thing that matters to me. Okay, that’s a lie; I want to look good too. I wasn’t going to find it here though.


This company is kind of really brilliant. The way it’s set up in STC is you have three stores right beside each other; Laura, Laura Petite and Laura Plus. And even though it’s three stores, they don’t have walls separating them, so you can walk through the whole thing. I always loved this about them. If you see something you really like but realize it’s too long or doesn’t fit quite right, just take a few second walk to one of the other stores and there it is.

But enough about why I like their set up.

This is where you shop when you’re looking for something to wear to a wedding. Someone came up to me, I told her I was looking for something casual. She takes me to the back and I seriously wanted to scream. I told her no, I’m a university student, I want everyday clothes. She suggested I go next door to Reitmans. -__- I told her that that’s where I just came from. Then she said to go to The Bay or take a drive down to the States. I knew The Bay would be out of my price range, but I went in anyways, just so no one could tell me that I wasn’t trying hard enough. There were a couple of nice things. Literally two things. But the prices were insane and they weren’t for everyday wear. And about the States; I don’t have a car. I don’t have time. And why should I have to go to a different country to buy clothes?

I just said thank you and left. I left the mall in tears. I was so upset, and even sitting here typing this I’m trying to keep it together. 

I'm not even the fattest person in the world. I can't believe how much trouble I'm having with this. This is one of the dresses that I got at Walmart and the picture was taken at Lovers Leap in Jamaica.

So nows the time where you ask: “Well why don’t you just lose weight and stop complaining?” Two reasons...

1. It doesn’t matter if I lose weight or not, there are always going to be people with more fat than they may need. The problem still remains.

2. I know I need to lose weight, but I don’t need to lose as much as you may think. I was at my healthiest back in high school. (I can’t believe I’m one of those people already.) Back then I weighed in at about 170lbs. For someone who’s barely 5’3”, that might sound a little too big, but I was fit. I danced six days a week in the fall and in the winter/spring I would still take a dance class once or twice a week and I played Lacrosse or Ultimate Frisbee. So even at my smallest, I was still big and clothes still didn’t fit. Also, I can’t imagine myself at less than 160lbs.

And now you may be asking, “Well why don’t you go and make your own clothes?” That’s a very fair question for me. I do know how to sew and I can do it quite well. I have sewed since I was a kid. Patching up my favourite pink and white polka dotted pillow with navy blue thread. I took the class in jr. high. I took fashion in high school. (Dropped out the second time.) And I did a summer co-op with a seamstress. I really know how to sew. I even made my prom dress. But who’s got the time to make a whole new wardrobe? Certainly not me.

Oh what’s that? You have another question? You want to know what I’ve been wearing all these years? Another good question. And the answer is t-shirts and sweat pants. Actually. This is what I have been wearing for years.

Way back when I used to have big boobs, I used to wear oversized tees and sweaters all the time. (If you follow me on twitter, my hatred for breasts might start to make more sense now.) I remember in grade seven, I had these two pairs of pants, can’t remember the material, but I would wear them all the time. Then in grade eight, I had a trip to quebec, and so I got some new pants from Old Navy. My pants always ware out fast, so I’d get a new pair or two, ware those out and so the cycle continues. I didn’t wear jeans from grade one till grade ten-ish. Back to tops, ever since the surgery, I’ve been able to find some tops that fit me and I’ve started building up my dress collection again. But those tops are not very casual. Everything I have is job interview appropriate.

So my wardrobe consists of semi-formal/formal attire and a whole lot of t-shirts. I practically collect tees, and The Yetee is not helping the situation. (But seriously, they’re awesome, check their site out.) I have a pair of corduroys, some board shorts and too many jogging and dress pants.

Or in other words, wedding attire and house clothes. No in between. 

Now do see the problem? Now do you understand why I’m so upset and frustrated? I can’t wear t-shirts and joggers for the rest of my life.

I’ve always been big and I probably always will be. But as long as I’m healthy, which I am getting back to, the problem isn’t with me. The stores need to change. I don’t want to be skinny and I can’t afford expensive clothing.

This is the same problem that I had before the surgery. Not one store in any mall had a bra bigger than a 36/38 DD. I was a 36 DDD. (I know someone even bigger than that.) So I had to buy bras from some specialty place that was super expensive. And by ‘I’ I mean my mom. A 14 year old can’t pay for that.


I found these outfits here. This is the kind of stuff I like. Bright and simple. 
In the first set, I would obviously make the shorts longer and I wouldn't kill my feet with heels. The second set, has kind of like a tennis look eh? Really cute. I would love to see those colours on different pieces too. The last look is more for the fall. Don't know what's going on with those shoes. But simple and comfortable is all I ask. All of these styles would look great on someone bigger.

(If you're wondering why I'm showing you pictures of J and not someone my size. It's because when I google image 'plus size clothing' or something related, I get a whole bunch of fancy and going out stuff. Check for yourself.)

So here’s where I need help, and I’m not even going to be shy about it. I want to get sponsored some clothes, especially pants, by (a) store/stores that carry clothes for women my size. Whatever that size may be. Please let yourself be known. We can work out all the business bits when you get into contact with me. winter2789@yahoo.ca

But that’s a little selfish of me. I also want all the stores mentioned in this post to step their game up. (And every other store that I didn’t mention and every store that has this huge flaw.) This isn’t just my problem. This skinny thing that society is pushing on us isn’t going to happen. People are getting bigger. Whether they’re doing it in a healthy way or not is irrelevant. Everyone needs clothes that fit their body and it shouldn’t break the bank.

So there you have it. Please pass this post along. You can click the twitter share button at the end of this post. Post a link on facebook or tumblr. Whatever you can do helps. Nothing will change if no one makes noise.

Thank you for reading.

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