Don't Talk To Me

The other day I was bothered by a young man who was trying to talk to me about Jesus. The conversation was very entertaining. A very brilliant professor once taught me how to argue, so this guy wasn’t going to convince me of anything. Although, he did claim that he wasn’t trying to convert me. After a while he finally realized that he couldn’t even back up his claims and told me that I should be a lawyer or something. Then out of nowhere he tells me how beautiful he thinks I am. In my head I was like “WTF is wrong with this guy?”, but out loud I said “I’d rather talk about Jesus.” 

Right away I felt so guilty that I could be so harsh to someone who was trying to compliment me. I have never asked anybody out because I am terrified of rejection. And here I am shooting this guy down in such a blunt manor. Actually scratch that, I don’t ask anybody out because I don’t trust people. Anyways, I always feel guilty, even when I shouldn’t. And it took me a while to realize that this one of those moments that I shouldn’t have felt guilty. 

We were talking for a good forty minutes about the credibility of the bible and the men that wrote it. Then he comes out and tells me that I’m beautiful? I don’t see the connection here. What does my beauty have to do with the bible? If you can see a connection, please leave a comment for me. 

I suppose I should have seen it coming. I knew from the get go that he wanted to talk to me. Not about the bible. And that’s where he fucked up. If you want to talk to me then talk to me. I’m still confused why he would even get to that compliment though. This conversation was clearly showing us both that in no way shape or form could we ever go on a date. You love some dude in the sky and think I you’re crazy for it. So just stay on topic. But no, he can’t so that. Some of you are probably thinking, “You’re so ridiculous, it’s just a compliment. You’re reading into it too much.” No. Do you really think it ends there? Well it doesn’t. Buddy asked me more than once for my phone number. You still think it’s just a compliment? 

I guess I’m so upset because I just want to have an intelligent conversation with someone without them expecting something more from me. Although I suppose it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with someone who’s trying to convince me that there’s an invisible man flying in the sky. 

Some advice… 

Don’t try to convince me that your fairy tales are real. 

Don’t pretend you’re on a mission when you really just want my number. 

Don’t even ask me for my number. Ever. I don’t want to date. 

Instead, talk to me about something worth talking about: School, TV, books, what’s happening on campus, animals, food, Pok√©mon. Ok, pretty lame list but I’m ok with that. 

And now, an unattractive picture of me...

Thanks for reading.

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