Greek Yoghurt Smoothie

I am so full right now. I went shopping earlier today and bought a lot of produce. Mostly fruits because I’m lazy and don’t like cooking. Well that’s a lie, I really like cooking. I’m just lazy. Fruits are easy.

Oh right! I’m full. So remember last month when I told the world to stop being lazy and get healthy and stop complaining? Bah blah bah? If no, click here. (haha Looking at it now. A little harsh no?) I regularly check the ‘healthy food’ tag on tumblr, and I keep coming across two things; 1. Greek yoghurt 2. Chia seeds. “What are these magical things?” Google seems to have all the answers. Basically, they’re super foods. High in protein, benificail bacteria, high in antioxidants, balance blood sugar… So really good for you, ok?

I bought the chia seeds just over a week ago but didn’t use them yet, and I bought the yoghurt today. I had a lot of time to kill, (Not really, I have a big test tomorrow.), and I was hungry, but I’m lazy remember? I don’t want to cook. So I decided to make a smoothie. Obvious cause of the title.

I don’t really like recipes, so I will just show you.

I suggest you buy the chia seeds in bulk. Honey is not necessary, the fruits and yoghurt are sweet enough. But if you do want honey, just a little. Or whatever. I can't tell you what to do. And that's blueberries on top of the strawberries. clearer in next picture.

So that how much of each fruit I used. Banana is the only fruit I like here. I hate strawberries cause of so many tiny seeds and I only like blueberries frozen. I didn't even notice the strawberry seeds though because of the chia seeds. 

This Is as much yoghurt I used. Not a lot because I'm not even supposed to have dairy. I don't care any more. Yoghurt used to be my favourite. I have had to go without for so long.  The tub was $4 CAD on sale, usually $5. Is that normal price for it?

So everything you saw on the plate fit. You can see the honey mixing with the yoghurt at the bottom. I put the banana on top because when you use Magic Bullet, the cup is upside down. I don't like chunks of banana in my smoothies so I make sure it's closest to the blades. But next time I will put the yoghurt on top of the bananas so I don't have to shake the cup between pulses. 

*Don't put the chia seeds in yet.

Ok, now you can put the seeds in. Chia seeds soak up a large amount of liquid fast and gets really jelly, so the smoothie will quickly thicken. If you like your smoothies thick, put in with everything else or let it sit for a bit if you mix it in at the end. My mistake was using too much seeds. That's why I'm so full. I used two generous teaspoons. 

So that's it. Very simple, and it will keep you full for a while. Also, use whatever fruit you like. No need to stock up on 100 different smoothie recipes. I usually put more liquid, like soy milk or apple sauce. But it's usually just filler. I filled the cup with fruits, but as you can see above, there's a lot of extra space. I don't think I would be able to finish any more. Annnnd, you can add ice cubes or use frozen fruit instead of fresh. 

Hope you enjoy.

Sorry if spelling 'yoghurt' with the 'h' bothered you. I like to hold on to old spellings of certain words.

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