London 2012 – Paralympics Opening Ceremony

So I guess I lied when I said I was done with the Olympic posts. 

The Paralympics is something I have never watched. The lack of coverage is one reason, and the fact that some of the sports are so terrifying to watch. I don’t like Basketball in general, but I have always had an image in my head of someone playing Wheelchair Basketball and then getting their hands or fingers smashed by someone else’s wheels. I can’t deal with pain. And yesterday I found out that the nickname for Wheelchair Rugby is Murderball. O.O Ummm…. no thanks. But it is kind of intriguing, as scary as it might sound. 

Ok, sign me up! Oh but wait. Canada isn’t showing anything live on TV? Well then it’s a good thing I live on the interwebs. But what about the people who don’t have access? Hopefully CTV will step up their game for Rio 2016. 

“Hey Winter! When are you gonna talk about the Opening Ceremony?” 

Oh right! 

So I saw half of it yesterday. At least I think it was half. I turned on the TV right before the Queen walked in, and I think I missed a lot of really good stuff. But there were more flying people, so I think these ceremonies get more points than the ceremonies I sat through earlier this summer. Click here and here to read about those ones. 

I don’t think Harry was there. Disappointed. 

The Parade of the Athletes was great. Remember how disappointed I was in the lack of creativity in the clothes worn by the athletes a month ago? 

This is what I like to see. More of this. 

Oh hai there team Canada. 

Stephen Hawking and Magneto narrated the show. This ceremony gets all the awards. How cool is that? I was really tired though, so I don’t remember much of what was being said by anyone. But I do remember the ridiculous amount of commercial breaks throughout and the excessive commentary. So frustrating. 

 And then the flame… 

I wanted to cry after the way the torch was lit at the Olympic Ceremony because it was stupid and awful. I wanted to cry when I saw the torch lit at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony because it was beautiful and felt more meaningful. 

The moment when Joe Townsend entered the stadium on the zipline and then when he’s in front of David Clarke at ground level passing the flame. So awesome. Why can’t I find a good picture from the side of this moment? That was the best part. Townsend was supposed to represent the future of the Paralympics, Clarke the future. And then someone from the past got to light the cauldron. Margaret Maughan, first ever Paralympic medalist for Team GB. Now that’s how it’s done. 

Well that’s pretty much all that I saw. There was some signing afterwards. But who really pays attention to what happens after the cauldron is lit? I’m going to watch it again, but from the beginning. Hopefully CTV will still have that on their website. 

Thanks for reading, and all the best to Team Canada!!

Image sources: here & here

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