The Yetee

I just want to start off my saying that I am not being paid for this post. I just want to share this contest with all of you because it’s being put on by one of my favourite companies. 

The Yetee 

It would probably be wise to tell you what The Yettee is. Glen O'Neill and Mike Mancuso are the awesome guys running this magical company. Every 48 hours a new t-shirt design is up for sale ($11 +shipping). Then another and another and… You get the idea. Once all the orders for a design are in, they get printed so that they don’t have leftovers flying around. So all you’re the tees are limited edition! How cool is that? Then within 7-10 business days, your new shirt is on it’s way to you.

Now all your friends are jelly of your wicked cool shirts. Ok, that’s not nice. Spread the word. Let the world know.

The artwork on the shirts are submitted by artists from around the globe, and include “pop-culture based designs, designs based around films, music and awesome original art tees.” You have no idea how excited I get when I see a Pokémon design up. Click here for more info.

OH!! I forgot the best part; they accept paypal.

NO WAIT!! That’s the second best part. The best part is that they’re having a contest right now! 

Grand Prize

Blue Nintendo 3DS XL + Limited edition Yetee hoodie + One Yetee t-shirt

Runner Up

Limited edition Yetee hoddie + One Yetee t-shirt

The other eight finalists also get a Yetee shirt.

How awesome is that?

So how do you enter? 

Taken straight from their youtube page.

Easy. Here are the links… 

twitter facebook youtube 

Make sure to follow them. I missed so many great tees because I kept forgetting to check back every two days.

Here's the contest video...

Don't forget to check out their official site here to see past designs. There's something for everyone. But remember, they only print the tees after the sale is over and they only make what is ordered. 

"Forest Spirit Nouveau" by Karen Hallion (wallet not included)
Check out her site here.

Good luck to everyone. Better luck to me. (^_^)v

Yetee/DS image taken from The Yetee fb page.

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