Wexford Did It Best

If I had a soul, I'm pretty sure it would be safe to say that it’s being killed. What’s killing it? Choir. Crazy, I know. I went to an Arts school, and even though I didn't start vocal until grade 12, I love singing. I was in regular choir, Showcase Choir and Jazz Vocal. 

So why am I hating choir now? In high school most of the music we learned was interesting. Most of it was in English. And most of it was stuff we actually cared to learn, even for exams. So I come half way across the country for university and I join the big choir as soon as I learn of it’s existence. Last semester was fine, cause we did Carmina Burana. That’s a very energetic piece. And even though it isn't in English, it’s something that will keep you awake. But this semester is brutal. All the pieces we have started on are in Latin, very boring and super difficult.

"Boring you say?"

Well that’s just my opinion. Personally I have no care for most of the music we’re learning. The amount of times I yawn in rehearsal is ridiculous. I have no energy there. I honestly feel that all the life was being sucked out of me.

"Difficult is good right? You need to challenge yourself."

I agree that a challenge is good, but this is a bit much. In Wexford, it’s all about performance. I can’t get that here. Because all the pieces are so difficult, we have to have our music on stage with us. Music on stage means we can’t really perform. We’re always looking at our music and the conductor. That’s crazy. If the music and conductor have our attention then the audience does not. I don’t think they pay money to watch 100 people look at music and one person. That’s a waste of their time and money. I certainly wouldn’t be impressed.

This choir has become a chore. This was supposed to be happy time. Singing should make me happy. From last semester I knew that this was a step down from Wexford. People eat during rehearsal! How does this even happening? So unprofessional. No discipline. Part of it is because most of the people there don’t really have a choice. I think that’s how it goes. Some Music students have to be in this choir. That’s a huge mistake.

Anywho, I won’t go on much longer. I think I will quit. Yes, it’s crazy. And I really shouldn't complain if I'm putting myself through this torture.

“Explain to me why exactly it is that you are staying?” 

Because I'm lame. I have a really difficult time making friends, but I've made one. I kinds really need this right now. Cause I don’t have any classes with my friends from last year, and our schedules can’t seem to fit together at the moment.

“Why don’t you guys just chill outside of school?” 

Very good question. I don’t have a lot of social skills. For some reason, when people make pans to chill it’s either a money thing, a group thing or a drinking thing. No, no and no. I remember last year when I made plans with my roommate to go somewhere and then it ended up being a more than just the two of us thing. It’s not that I'm jealous; I just hate being that extra wheel. I end up not talking and then getting upset because I feel like I'm wasting my time. I don’t really like drinking all that much. And I plan on going on a trip next year, one that will take me out of the country. So I'm being really stingy with my money. I'm ok with that. So no money things.

Another reason why I will put up with it is because I need to do something Arts related. I've already mentioned that I went to an Arts school. I hate that I'm not dancing anymore, the Theatre program at my school is at the other campus and so I'm left with singing. So I will suffer through this semester for the sake of having a friend in a situation where I am comfortable. 

I doubt any current Wexford students are reading this. But if yes, please appreciate what you have. Yes, there are favourites and that sucks, but pay attention to what you have access to. Wexford is top notch. The teachers are amazing and know what they're doing. I can't even get a decent vocal warm up here. Never really ready to sing. The people who you are in the program with want to be there. That changes things a whole lot. Better energy. And believe it or not, I really miss doing theory. O.O Yeah, that's right. Theory. Whatever. Just remember, university isn't always a step up.

And now, a picture of me...

Thanks for reading. 

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