The second in my series of TT posts. 

This list is not in any order.

Tonight - BIG BANG (Korean and Japanese version)

x x x
I was so shocked when I first heard the Korean version cause I got the Japanese album before I bought the Korean single. So different. And why do they always use so much English on their Japanese tracks?

Memory Box - Crystal Kay 


When I first bought on iTunes, this track didn't work. How devastating for me. Crystal Kay is my favourite Japanese artist, and I had been waiting for this album for so long. But this song was worth the extended wait. 

이바보 - Wonder Girls
I don't usually listen to Wonder Girls, but they are my introduction to K-Pop so I always give them a try. This song is fun and I love the bass. Never too much bass.

Anna Sun - Walk The Moon

I know this might sound weird, but this is my mourning song. I had the BIRP! playlist on shuffle or something, and this song popped up when I was thinking about my uncle.

Heiwa - Rize
Rize was my introduction to Japanese music. I love these guys, and this song is one of my favourites from them. Actually, I think it's the first song I heard from them.

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Josh Groban
This song reminds me of Steinbach. Can I marry this man? What an amazing voice.

The End Of The World - Lupe Fiasco
Best rapper alive? I think so. Great song. Great mix tape.

Innerkip - The Outerspacerz

The amount of talent that has come out of my high school is astounding. I am so proud of these guys. They just released an EP which you can conveniently download here for free.  This song is so beautiful. I have had it on repeat ever since I downloaded the EP. It's probably one of my favourite sings on this list. 
P.S. If you ever meet these guys, give David a big hug. haha He gives the best hugs. ^^

What Is Love - EXO-K

Exo is a new group created by SM Entertainment. I love every song on their EP. The vocals on this song gives me the chills. They are so talented. Good job SM.
(Sometimes you will see Exo-M. When you see 'K' it's the Korean part of the group and when you see 'M' it's the Chinese part. The leader of Exo-M is Canadian.)

Take Five - Dave Brubeck

What a classic. This song never gets old. 

Uprising - Muse

The lyrics. That voice. The weird instrumentals. I love everything about this song. 

I Love You - 2NE1
x x

Love at first listen. How can YG have so many amazing artists? I wish their world tour would have a Canadian date. Why doesn't Tablo put in a good word for us?

Until The End - Dru ft. Natasha Waterman
My favourite song from my cousin Dru. I'm loving the vocals on this track. And even though North American R&B isn't my thing, I always have this song on repeat. So good. 
New single out soon.

Numb - Linkin Park
Memories of when I used to love these guys. haha Not a fan of their last two albums. I used to be so obsessed with this song.

Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

x x
Thank you tumblr for putting this on the radar. I don't usually give hip hop a chance, but once in a while I get pleasantly surprised. I remember when I first watched this video. I cried so much. Ok, who am I kidding? I still cry when I watch. Beautiful song, beautiful message. 

Redemption Song - Bob Marley & The Wailers
I can listen to this song all day. First heard it from I Am Legend at end credits. 

Lie To Me - Jen Lane

The perfect Saturday song by a very talented Canadian artist. Brings back memories of Chisasibi.

Of All Days (오늘따라) - T.O.P


By far the best song on the GD T.O.P collab album. I'm still waiting for a full length solo album from this guy. His voice is orgasmic.

Where The Wild Things Are - Far East Movement ft. Crystal Kay
Queen CK is on the list twice. This song is the North American debut for her. She has been having a great year. So many singles and she made this list twice. haha Good job CK! 

Zebra (Beach House) - Yellow Ostrich
Yes, I like the Yellow Ostrich version better than the original. Don't judge me. Such a beautiful song.

If I made this a playlist, I wouldn't skip a song. I have awesome taste in music. True story.

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