Midterms Are Over!

I’m in a really good mood right now. Last week was just awful. I had a test, quiz, in-class paper and assignment due. One thing for each class. I was still super stressed and freaked out from last weekend and I couldn’t study. So I go to write my Philosophy paper on Thorsday, and I cried and freaked for about half an hour during the test until it finally clicked and I thought of something to write. I think I did an ok job considering I know nothing about philosophy. I just find the readings entertaining. 

Friday was the killer day. First I had a test for Buddhism. I purposely didn’t study for this test because last year I took the Japanese religions course. Buddhism is in Japan so there had been a lot of information repeated in this course about the beginnings of the religion and whatnot. So I walk in all confident and then I look at the test and I start to freak out. I knew that I knew the answers, but I was so stressed. I love how my Prof. sets up tests. It seems easier to jump around the test to answer questions. Answering what you can, moving to something else, coming back to add something… Everything comes in pieces. So I wasn’t feeling too bad after that.

I didn’t even do the assignment for Hinduism. There was no time. And then there was the Linguistics quiz. I studied what I could for this one, you know, the day of. But I couldn’t get through everything. So the water works turned on again for this one. The difference between these tears and the tears over the Philosophy paper is, I knew the readings for that course. For Linguistics, I didn’t know all the words I needed to know. I didn’t know the morphemes I needed to know. I just didn’t know what I was doing. There was no bullshitting for this one.

Turns out that I passed my Buddhism with an 84%. I got full marks on six of the eight short answer questions and lost a couple of marks on the fill in the blanks section. I guess I really do know what’s going on. I also passed the Linguistics quiz. I got 50%. I know a 50 isn’t great. But I was so defeated after that quiz. At the end of class, I told my Prof. that I failed. I was so sure. No better feeling than passing something you’re sure you failed. So excuse me while I smile like a fool about this mark. (I’ll never get a mark that low again though.)

So tomorrow I find out about Philosophy. I felt ok after that one, so maybe I’ll have done worse than I thought. >.< Hope not 

Ok, so here’s a picture of Dominion. Sorry for the raindrop, I promise it says Dominion. I’m posting this picture because I’ve been trying to explain to people back home, and even here, that Dominion here is actually Loblaw. Not related to Dominion (Metro) despite the name. See the symbol? That’s Loblaw. Dominion (Metro) doesn’t exist here. Just Sobeys. I hope this makes sense.

Anywho, thanks for reading. Recipes to come. 

Oh! One more thing. Another reason I'm so happy right now is because of all the views I've been getting over the past couple of days. (Every other day too of course.) But I feel like it's the Olympics again with all this traffic. Like woah, people actually care to read what I'm writing, bad grammar and all. I know The Outerspacerz have something to do with it as well, so thanks guys. I really appreciate it. 


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