So I bought some pumpkins the other day because pumpkins. I have no idea what to do with these things. I just really like they way they look. 


Can someone please send me some pumpkin recipe ideas? NO LATTES!!

I know I promised to be super productive this weekend, but I witnessed something horrendous on Saturday night, and I’m not ok with life. I’m ready to just quit everything I’m involved with, extracurricular-wise. I feel like I’m back in Toronto, but worse. Didn’t know it got worse than Toronto. (At least in Canada) Anywho, I did manage to get my pix from Cape Spear up on my photoblog. Check them out here.

On Saturday, before the incident, I went shopping with a friend. Food, thrift store and sex shop. Dafuq? I got ID’d at the sex shop! Good times were had though. I’m so excited that I finally found jeans that fit! Still have major hate for the big stores out there. Click here to see what I was dealing with this summer.

I slept all day Sunday cause I was too distraught. Got up to shower and pee. That’s it. No food. No water. No internet. So depressing. But my friend was supposed to be coming over on Monday for food and chill times. I made brownies, squid soup (오징어국) and seafood pancakes (해물파전). So good.

Lots of cabbage in this. I know that’s more Japanese style, but it’s a good filler for when you don’t want to use up all your seafood mix in one day. Made dipping sauce for it too. I should post a recipe for this. Everyone who tried liked it and the soup too.

Oh. I just realised that this post is all out of order. Hope you can follow. Maybe read over twice. I don’t want to reorganise.


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