I Have a Problem

I bought another pumpkin. The problem? Decorative pumpkins aren't the best to cook with. Apparently not the best taste. I probably should have looked that up before I bought. But they’re so cute. 

Maybe I should buy a regular pumpkin and mix these one into a recipe. Please give suggestions. 

Ok, two problems. The coffee sold on campus tastes like shit, and I can't drink it any more. Thankfully, they have lowered the price of coffee at the store so I bought some. I'm very happy about that, but I also bought a honeydew melon. 

$11.98 for these extra two things!! And no discount yesterday. Only get discounts on Tuesdays. Could have saved nearly $5 on my entire grocery bill if I wasn't so tired on Tuesday.

Also realised that they tax me for ornamental pumpkins, but not the coffee. Weird. It should be other way around.

Oh! Yesterday I bought a new shelf for my room. I feel so much more organised now.

Yes, I keep some food in my room. I live with other people and I've used up all my space in the kitchen. >.<

Ok, now look at this cute emoticon... 

(; ・_・)―――――――――C<―_-)

It's like, "Excuse me while I pick at your face." haha I love it.

Anywho, send me recipes for the pretty pumpkins!


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