Sweet Potato Apple Mash

I wanted to cook the salmon that I had in the freezer and I was craving sweet potatoes the other day. But I also wanted to use up an apple. I have come to hate apples recently, but I know they’re good for me so I buy any ways and I had to find a way to eat them. Here's what I came up with.


1 Sweet potato

1 Apple

1 Salmon fillet

Cabbage (however much you want)


Gochukaru (red pepper powder)

Brown sugar

Salt (optional)

*Gochukaru – I bought this when I was in Toronto this summer at H-Mart. Almost every Korean recipe I’ve done calls for this. I’ve used so much already, but it’s only just under the label line. It’s packed so densly. Good thing the expiry date is so far away. How can I finish myself?

Peel the potato and apple and cut them into chunks. Throw them into a pot with about a half cup of water. Don’t have to cover with water. Cook until mashable.

When it comes to the seasonings, I have no measurements for you. I’m really bad like that. This is how much I used for the potatoes and the salmon. I won’t put the sugar in the mash next time though. Just the gochukaru. Sprinkle the sugar mixture onto the salmon. I threw the rest of it into the mash. (You won’t need as much as in the picture, unless you want some in the mash too.)

Cut the cabbage into shreds while the potato and apple are cooking. I used about an eighth of a cabbage, but that doesn’t really mean anything cause they come in all sizes. Cook the cabbage the same way you did the potato and apple, with a little water at the bottom of a pot. 
*I cooked the cabbage plain because there's already so much flavour in the salmon and mash.

Now time for the salmon. Little bit of oil in a frying pan, and cook until it’s done. Whatever that means for you. I like my salmon cooked through.

It tastes just as good as it looks. Maybe better.



  1. Mmm... this looks good! I add red pepper flakes to everything- my ramen, soup, fish..I can't get enough of it. haha!

    1. Oh same. I feel like it's never ending. It goes into everything I cook, Korean or not. ^.^