Exams Are Over!!

Well it’s done. This semester is finally done and I don’t want to look back. How terrible this semester has been to me and then I come home from final exam last night to hear about what happened in America and China. Then I went and made banana bread, but not sure if I like it. And then I watch War Horse. What was I thinking, finishing off my day with that movie? Not even good.

I have done noting productive all day. Just sit in bed, listen to The Hobbit soundtrack, eat Doritos and waste time on tumblr. I wanted to post the banana bread recipe, but I already said I'm not sure if I like it.

So what to talk about? I have ten days until I go back to Toronto and I'm not looking forward to it. I love Newfoundland too much. I am so happy that I was smart enough to hold off going back until some time after my exams. I can relax. My roommate already left but didn't say goodbye. So rude. I will never see him again. 

So weird to not say goodbye. But also weird to say goodbye. There was a Christmas party at the school on Wednesday and I was thrown into a situation where I had to say bye to people I have met this semester. I wasn't ready for that. Didn't realise people leaving so soon. T-T I love making friends with exchange students but it’s so difficult cause so many of them I will not ever see again. My heart hurts. I held back the tears. Oh but hey! They are here now. 

Quick!! Cute picture of Coco using my jeans as a bed and a sock as a pillow!!  

Alright, I'm good. haha Anywho, tomorrow I will see some sun and breathe some fresh air. Meeting a friend for coffee. This is what the next ten days will look like for me. Catching up and saying a fair share of goodbyes. That’s life. 

Oh yeah, and on Wednesday night I performed for the last time with Spectrum (Queer Choir) until 2014. Everything seems so far away now.

End on light note.

Look what happened a week and a half ago! Another reply from Qiu ^^

Might as well follow me at this point. Love her 

Ok, now to watch Doctor Who.

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