Going Away

Heather Heights Jr. Public School: Huskies 

Henry Hudson Sr. Public School: Hawks

Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts: Viking

George Brown College: Huskies

Memorial University of Newfoundland: Seahawks

Notice a pattern?

These are the schools I have attended over the past eighteen years. I was telling my friend last month that if I go for my Master’s, it'll have to be a school whose mascot is a Viking. Complete the pattern you know? But no, that is not about to happen.

Instead I am going to be a lion. A laughing to be exact. But let’s be honest here, it doesn't really matter. In case you don't know, the laughing lion is the mascot of Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea!!! Yup, that’s right. I am about to go to school in Korea. Not transferring, doing an exchange. But how exciting is that!? I'm okay with breaking this mascot pattern. Completely worth it eh?

Sorry Harry. It doesn't look like I'm gonna be a Viking any time soon. I might even be an elephant next. Dongguk University is looking like a solid place to do my Master’s.

I have known this since October, but haven’t blogged about it cause I didn’t want to jinx anything. But yesterday I picked up my certificate of admission and so yeah, it’s pretty official. I’m so pumped. I have made so many friends this and last semester who were on exchange from Korea, and I can’t wait to see them again. It’s gonna be an epic year.

When I went to pick up my letter, this is what I saw…

So official looking eh. Makes me feel important. ^.^

First thing inside, can’t show you actual letter cause personal information…

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as an exchange student to Kyung Hee University (2013 Spring Semester).”

How exciting!!!

And then with the letter, I got my certificate of admission in such a pretty letter case/cover, (don’t know what to call it). The cover has Kyung Hee University’s seal printed in gold, and the school’s name in Korean and English as well. So official. So pretty. I can’t contain my excitement.

Well there's my big news. Not big deal any more to the people who have known for a while. Oh well. I'm so pumped. This is my first really big trip on my own. Katimavik sort of counts, but I was travelling, working and living with the same group for six months. Plenty of structure and no drinking for most of it because of where we were pleased. So yeah. This is a huge deal. 

I've been watching some videos posted by Simon and Martina to help me get ready and I must say, living bra and deodorant free hasn't looked better. haha Click the links if you're scratching your head.
Anywho, that's all for now. Can't wait to blog from Korea!!