I love St. John’s 

I hate Toronto

On Friday, I was at my school and as the bus pulled away to bring me back home I realised that I won’t be back here until 2014!!! That’s insane. I am obviously really excited about Korea, but I’m comfortable where I am. I suppose that’s a good sign that I need to get away for a while though. I never want to be so comfortable somewhere that I risk staying longer than I need to. Gotta keep moving. And then there’s the part where before I even get to Korea I have to live in Toronto for two months. Imagine you have to leave a city you really love for one that you really hate. Not a good feeling ah?

To make thing worse, I’ve been getting texts and messages asking if I’m excited to come back home. ಠ_ಠ Home? Are you for real? Are you trying to make me cry? I hate it when people ask me if I’m going home for Christmas when referring to Toronto. No I am not going home, I’m going back to the city I was born and raised in. I feel like Robert Pattinson. No one hates Twilight more. No one hates Toronto more. Anywho, keep rubbing in the salt. Keep asking me how about how excited I am. I love it. *please note my strong sarcastic tone* And then plans are being made for me in Toronto and I haven’t even stepped off the plane. I get that people are excited to see me again and I’m excited to see them too. But I am not excited to have to live in Toronto for another two months. Why no one can understand this? Let me breathe. Let me be miserable for a bit.

On a brighter note, Two days ago I told someone that I will adopt in the future. And instead of them telling me that I should have at least "one of my own", “maybe you’ll change your mind” or "you never know", they accepted this and wished me the best of luck. If only everyone could be like that.

Ok, nothing else to say.

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