Pita Chips

“Regular blogging to come” she said. Ok sorry. I know I've been bad, but OhMyLoki!! these past few weeks have been crazy. Let me avoid studying for a few minutes to give you a new post. 

I just made some pita chips. I bought salsa the other day put no chips to go with. So I looked up how to make pita chips. It’s super simple and very tasty. I'm glad I was almost full when I made them cause they would have been all gone otherwise. I didn't want to make too much cause I'm lazy and I was already making soup and cooking eggs. Weird combo, I know. 

Preheat oven to 400°F

Pitas (3 makes 2 cookie sheets worth)

Olive Oil ¼ cupish

Garlic powder


Dried Basil

Don’t ask for measurements for the seasoning cause I just put how much I wanted.

Cut the pitas into 8 wedges and then separate them. If my computer calculator is correct, you should have 48 pieces. Now mix the oil with the seasoning and paint the pita wedges. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake for 4 to 5 minutes. Any longer in the oven and they will burn.

That’s it!! 

You now have some awesome tasting chips to have with your salsa. 

So exams are almost over. Just two more for me, and things should be back to normal with the blog. I'm gonna have 11 days here until I go back to Toronto, so I'll have plenty of time on my hands to get back into regular blogging. I promise.

Now back to studying. Buddhism exam in 12 hours!!

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