365: 15 – 28

Day 15: A song that makes you cry and why… 

It's Art by PSY 

I have no idea why I cry when I hear it. I first heard the song on youtube, so it's probably a mix of the song and the video. I don't think I've cried just listening to the song alone recently. It's just so beautiful.

Day 16: Someone you trust… 

o.O When you say trust, do you mean 100%? Cause if yes, then no one. I trust certain people with certain things. Not one person in this world knows everything about me. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. That's the saying right? Yeah, I have a really difficult time trusting people. I went on trusting too much when I was younger and got burned all the time. Family, friends, teachers… and then 2009 happened. Don't think this is the place to talk about the unfortunate events of 2009, but that's when I really closed up to people. Humans aren't to be trusted. What a great outlook on life eh? Hopefully I can come back from that and trust people. But until then, I'
ll assume the worst until you can prove yourself. It won't be easy for you. 

Day 17: Your idol and why you look up to them…

People still have idols? I feel like this is a thing of the past. I'm really just making this up on the spot. Crystal Kay maybe. I love her. I feel like she can do no wrong. She's so beautiful. UGH!! I can't with this woman. Her voice keeps getting better and I was the happiest person in the world when I found out that she did a recording of endless love with Lionel Richie. 


Day 18: Why you made your blog, why you still have it…

It's all here

Day 19: Your thoughts on your family…

Last time I did that, people got mad. No one likes to hear the truth apparently. I've now got a cousin who refuses to talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. And I've got some cousins that report my every move to their parents. That being said, the other side of my Mom's family is best kind. I met cousins and aunties for the first time on my trip to Jamaica last year. Still so many more to meet. My Dad's side is super chill. I don't have anything bad to say about any of them.

Day 20: What you think makes someone beautiful…

I really don't know how to answer this. I don't have a definition of beautiful in my back pocket.

Day 21: What does your favourite t-shirt look like?

I love this shirt so much. Buddy is my favourite Marvel superhero. 

I would have shown a pic of me wearing it, but guess who's too lazy to comb their hair or even change? 

Day 22: How you judge intelligence?

Who thinks of these things? I guess intelligence would be your understanding of people. Like how to treat people. Know that you mustn't treat others how you want to be treated but how they want to be treated. Be able to empathize with others, help those who need it. And don't judge. How you treat others says a lot about you, and I think if you don't know people, you don't know much. You don't know life.

Day 23: A month/year of your life when you were happiest and why…


All about new places, challenges, people and memories. From January to June I was Katimavik volunteer. So far the best experience of my life. I met some of the most amazing people I've ever met in Chisasibi, QC and Steinbach, MB. I am constantly reminded of those six months. As I type this up, I'm listening to Bon Iver. One of my friends in the group introduced me many of us. The dream catcher I hang with my blinds. Any time I hear someone speaking French. Made a pot of oatmeal this week, first time since Katimavik. And every time I wear my winter coat. I got it for the trip, and had to wear it every day when in Chisasibi. I miss it so much. 

Baie James

Then in June came around and the program was coming to an end, I decided to stay awhile longer. A month longer actually. Switching from one house to another. Getting spoiled with the best food, well actually, I was spoiled with great food during Katimavik too. I got to go horseback riding for the first time since I was eight or nine. Learned how to drive. Stayed on a farm!! It was awesome. But eventually I had to go back Toronto. I didn't want to, but my sister had a birthday/welcome back/goodbye party for me. One of the most memorable parties ever. High school friends, family from both sides and even my MK Beauty Consultant. Also got a computer thanks to my uncle and cousins. Cause you know, I was about to start university.

University in Newfoundland. On the road again. For someone who hates planes, I sure do travel a lot. So I started school, which was a lot easier than I thought. I didn't do well in English, but that was expected and Learning Strategies… -__- But that didn't matter. I was taking Japanese again, and Japanese Religions course and Linguistics. I was actually enjoying what I was doing in school. Came out with a 3.2 GPA after my first semester. Pretty good for someone who never took a university level course in high school and could barely pass applied level courses.

So yeah, in 2011 I was a pretty happy camper.

Day 24: Your favorite 10 people right now and why…

I'm just going to pick famous people cause if I start listing names of people I know it won't look good on me I think. haha No order…

Sidney Poitier – Favourite actor of all time.

Tom Hiddleston – Sorry for constantly mentioning you on here. ><

Asano Tadanobu – Second favourite actor of all time.

Xiaxue – One of my favourite bloggers.

David Suzuki – Legend

Tablo – Favourite rapper

Ok, it just hit me how Asian this list got.

Seth McFarlane – Cause Ted. And Roger.

Crystal Kay – Favourite Japanese singer. So underrated, it’s sickening. Go listen to her now.

Matt Smith – Cause he's just as awkward as The Doctor.

Meryl Streep – Perfection

Day 25: The last movie you watched…

Guilt Trip. I think. Probably yes. Cute movie. Can't get over the beauty that is Seth Rogen. Canadians in Hollywood. Doesn't get any better. And Barbra Streisand… can't even remember if I've ever seen her in anything before, but I loved her in this. I may or may not be like her character when I'm older. Spit on my finger to wipe something off of my children's faces when they’re 30? Yes, that will definitely be me.

Day 26: 5 things you’re looking forward to…

The Oscars, going to Korea, getting a new phone (BB10 or Galaxy S IV), going back to St. John’s, finishing school so I can finally go teach in Japan. ^^ Kind of a cheat with that last one.

Day 27: A person you wished lived closer and why…

Ernie. I can't believe I still think about this man. I really need to get over him cause it’s never gonna happen. I miss his smile and his laugh. UGH!! I'm such a creeper.

Day 28: Something you makes you really angry…

Spiders. Walking all up in here like they own the place.

Walmart – Devil things. I can't even walk in there anymore.

Questions from here

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