First Week Back

I've been back in Toronto for just over a week now. On Christmas morning, I went from St. John’s to Halifax, Halifax to Ottawa, and then Ottawa to Toronto. I was so done. Got a free pair of earbuds though. Merry Christmas? On the 26th at about 11 in the night, my sister and I headed out. Five minutes into our drive back, we get into a car accident. Welcome Home!!! Ugh, that was so terrifying. As the accident was happening I wasn't thinking that we’re gonna die because we weren’t going fast at all, I didn't think we’d hit anything too hard and there were no cars behind us. But I was thinking “Oh shit! How long will recovery in the hospital be?” Can’t get hurt now. Korea must happen. But that was that. We survived, and very minimal damage to the car.

Be jealous of my boxing day breakfast.

Then on the 27th I went to dinner with most of my siblings. We all got ID’d. o.O Seriously? Our ages range from 22 to 31, and we get ID’d? Stupid but make us feel young. Friday night was girl’s night. I do this kind of thing? Lots of wine, vodka and pizza. We watched Catch Me If You Can. I've seen it before, but I wanted to watch this because I didn't want to Watch Love and Basketball. Saturday I stayed in bed until 6 and my sister baked cookies. haha So lazy. Sunday I get up a bit earlier to eat leftover pizza and watch Inception, but when my sister got back we switched to Love and Basketball. -__- This movie tho… Why people like it? It’s nothing special. Monday my sister treated me to the spa. I have never had manicure or pedicure before. So nice. My right foot very ticklish. After we did that, I got a lip wax. Never again. Why people get this done? I’d rather get my legs waxed then grow back next day and wax like this again for a year. 
Thank you for the wonderful treat Mo! ^_^

Colour is more close to bottom picture, but top more clear.

Then we quickly went to Canada Computers and Henry’s. Henry’s has the camera I want. But I later find out that they are the only major retailer that carries this camera, so they can sell for whatever price they want. Not fair. So expensive in Canada. Everything is so expensive here. w/e Then we went to our cousin’s house where I was in major pain for most of the time and feeling sick. I just kept drinking some rum mixture and felt a lot better by the time we headed back. lol I don’t even like rum.

So Tuesday I stayed in bed all day. I'll blog about that soon. And yesterday I stay in bed for most of the day but I went for a walk and bought some food cause I need some bananas and broccoli in my life. Bought Sriracha too. One size only apparently. I have yet to see a small bottle in stores. I've been eating like crap over the last week. Overeating, too much cookies, pizza and drinking juice. Need to get back into the way I ate when I was in St, John’s. Don’t people usually eat worse when they're at school? I guess I'm special.

Today I met with my friend from Taiwan. I was her mentor for the past semester and she was only in Toronto for the day. So we walked downtown forever. I'm a terrible tour guide. I never knew where we were going. haha I hate this city. Ate at Eaton Centre food court. This place needs to calm down. You’re a mall. No need to make A&W look fancy.

What is this? What is happening?

I'm getting my hair cut this weekend. Three years ahead of schedule, but I think it will make life in Korea easier in the hair department if it's short. Doesn't matter, it will grow back.

OH!! Remember here when I said my roommate left and didn't say goodbye to me? Well he went back to our house and asked the woman we lived with for my email. So sweet. I'm not mad anymore. It clearly wasn't intentional for him to leave like that. haha I feel better now. 

I put that price sticker on the wall years ago. Why no one take it down? I think it's for Melinda and Melinda. Good movie

Ok, now I sleep.

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