In A Bad Mood

First reason why is because Laci Green unfollowed me on twitter because I didn't agree with her on something. Usually I don’t get bothered for more than a minute when I get unfollowed, but this one hurt. To have someone I look up to and support so much unfollow me because of a disagreement is just crazy. Didn't I just talk about this in my last post? Someone disagreeing with you shouldn't be a reason to unfollow/ignore. Immature or not? All I did was ask for her to back up the statements she was making and she couldn't do it. Then don't say it. Then I said, I'll agree to disagree. And I know I didn't say anything offensive on twitter yesterday, so I don't see why else she would unfollow other than the disagreement. UGH!! So frustrating. So childish. But it's done, and I've said what I needed to say. At least she wasn't offensive like Cassey Ho was last weekend. I don't hate Laci, just don't know where this childish move came from. I will recover from this. 

Second reason I'm upset, and this one is a much bigger deal...

Tumblr. WTF!?! This is not ok. I love tumblr. I spend most of my free time on it to the point that I get upset because I get so addicted. I usually don’t make a big fuss about the changes they do to the site because they’re liveable and soon enough I won’t even notice. With the exception of moving the tags. Dick move. But this time the tumblr staff pulled a facebook on us. Major change that makes life so difficult. If you’re not on tumblr, bear with me for a minute. The two big things that are pissing me off about the changes are 1) tags (or lack of them) 2) one page dashboard system. 

So the tag thing is simple. Before the change, whatever tags you use when you create or reblog a post gets saved. So the next time you create or reblog, and you go to tag something, say “Tom Hiddleston”, all I have to do is press ‘t’ and a dropdown menu of tags that start with it show up. If you have a lot of ‘t’s then go onto the next letter to narrow it down or scroll until you find the tag you want. So convenient. Especially when you have stupid tags like “loooooolz”. I don’t use that, just an example. But tags aren't saved anymore. So for a tag like “Tom Hiddleston”, this change is annoying more than anything, because you always have to type it out now. But when it comes to “loooooolz”, you might not remember the exact number of ‘o’s used in it, so if you forget and use 5 the second time you now have two different tags on your blog for no good reason other than tumblr decided to take it away. That took longer to explain then I expected.

The tags are back.

The system has changed. If I typed in "om" on old tumblr, tags like "omg!!" or "omg sthap" would show up on the drop menu. Now things like "Tom Hardy" and "awesome sauce" show up cause there's an "om" somewhere in there. So the tag system still sucks and it's officially more work.

Now on to the one page dashboard system. Tumblr has kind of always had this to begin with. Endless scrolling if you wish. This never worked for me, but it was easily dealt with. Say I scrolled through seven pages worth of posts on my dash, just liking some, not reblogging. Things are going to take longer to load if I keep doing this. So the next post I see that I like, I hit the reblog button and I get sent to a new page. Once I reblog it or add it to my queue, I am taken back to my dash and instead of starting back at the first page, I am starting at page seven and I continue from there. Things are loading fast, and I'm a happy camper. “Well how many pages can you go through?”, one might ask. Good question. Remember when I said I spend most of my free time on this site? I wasn't kidding. I never miss a post. This is part of the reason why I only follow 36 blogs. So this never miss a post thing can and has gotten dangerous for me. There was a time when I actually went through about 122 pages of posts because I wasn't on the computer for a couple of days. A one page dashboard would have never let this happen!! So what now? Follow less blogs or deal with the fact that I'm going to miss some posts? How can I be asked to choose? This is not ok tumblr. 

So I have two blogs on tumblr, my main one and my 18+ one. Not even going to give you a link to that one so don't ask. I have started the process of closing down my 18+ one, and I'm seriously considering closing down my main one too. I know this won’t affect the tumblr staff if they lose two blogs, although a lot of people are threatening to leave, but what’s the point of me staying if I'm not happy. People joke every time there’s a change that we’re in an abusive relationship with tumblr. Could be. And if so, it might be my time to get out. The only reason this isn't definite yet is because recently I started to make some friends on there. If I do leave I'll get their emails, and deal with all the time I'll have all of a sudden. 

Ok so enough with tumblr. The final reason why I'm not in a good mood is medical reasons. I won’t give much detail, but last week got blood work done for my physical. This week I had the physical, and then I got more blood taken this time to get tested for something. First time to take blood wasn't the worst. I am terrified of getting blood done. But last week they only took one vial. This week they took three and I couldn't handle it. Had a panic attack as that needle sat in my arm. Then another test yesterday to go along with the blood work. And all day yesterday, just not feeling too good. Possibly because I looked up what they were looking for on the interwebs and realised that it could be the cause of my sudden acne. I have eczema, but the skin on my face is not affected and is usually flawless. So this is a big deal for me. At the age of 22 getting acne out of nowhere. Not cool. It's still not bad like what you see in Proactive commercials, but I can't stand it. But I suppose this should be the least of my worries. 

Other than all of that, I've been really nervous lately about Korea. Everything is pretty much final. I got my ticket and picked up my visa on Wednesday. Not turning back now. Unfortunately for me though, the airport pickup times offered by my school are set in stone, and I'll miss one of them by 25 minutes. So after 18 hours of travelling, I must wait in an airport for three hours when all I'll want to do is shower and eat. Probably not in that order. I am very excited though. Especially because I have a lot of friends in Korea. Many of them in different parts of Seoul. So I'll have an easier time than some adjusting to life in Korea. Life in a city twice the size, population wise, of Toronto. Life in a city where the main language is one that I barely understand. What an adventure this will be!! 

Oh!! And yesterday, my camera case finally came in the mail. It's beautiful. I'll post about it soon. I'm currently blinging it out. So scared to put crystals on the camera itself, so I went for the case. Looks so pretty already. ^^ 

***Sorry I didn’t post my weekly seven questions. Such a bad week. I will post 14 on the 28th.

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