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I love this company. I've been going to different events, classes and even meetings for three years come February. There was a time that I wanted to be a Beauty Consultant, but I move around too much. So I'll just stick to buying the wonderful products. I have eczema and so I'm always really paranoid about what I put on my skin. Also, for many years just don't bother to take care of my skin at all. Lucky for me, my skin not so bad. until recently But it’s probably a good idea to take care of the skin on my face as much as the rest of my body right? MK products work so great. One exception is sunscreen, I'll talk about later. 

So last weekend I went to another MK event, and when it was done I got this as a gift for showing up!!

Nourishine Lip Gloss in Inspiring. 

After the event was done I did a little shopping. Originally I just bought the Compact Mini and the Mineral Eye Colours, but then I decided last minute before it got dropped off to also buy the Brush Cleaner and Satin Lips Lip Mask.

And along with all these wonderful things, I also got this cute Beauty Case for free!!

Comes with sample Lip Gloss in Rock ‘N’ Rouge

Brush Cleaner

Lip Mask

Compact Mini

Eye Colours

Honey Spice – Amber Blaze – Chocolate Kiss – Sweet Plum - Azure

The one in the front middle I had before (Iris), then just remembered it was free for going to an event before. 

Love love love this

This is all free MK product and samples.

Duo Eye Colours not available any more I think. And I've used so much of the eye colour samples already, only a few left.

haha And I just found this stuck to bottom of Iris case. Didn't know I had.

So that’s all the makeup stuff. This is what I have from MK in the skincare department (plus nail polish). 

>< Sorry for camera setting used.

The TimeWise Miracle Set I didn't pay for. Twice now I have been in the top 100 in Canada for MK makeover contests. Next time I hope to win. So everyone in top 100 gets the trial size set. I love it so much, but I can't use the day solution, cause of the sunscreen in it. Or is it sun screen? Ok, I think it might be sun screen. So yeah, that doesn't agree with my skin. When I got the set the first time a couple years ago, I didn't realise I couldn't use it. I've gone my whole life knowing that I wasn't supposed to use sun screen, but I couldn't remember why. >< I quickly found out. My skin went so bad. But as soon as I stopped using the day solution, my skin was fine. The rest of the set is great. My skin feels so clean after I use. haha I should have been doing this all the time before. So many wasted years.

And then I have the Velocity set. In a perfect world, the TimeWise cleanser would come as a pair with the Velocity Moisturiser. Well I can buy separately, but haven’t thought of it before. I have had this set for what seems like years. I'm so bad when it comes to remembering to wash my face. Don't judge me. But I am determined to remember every day for the next month. Morning and night, I will wash my face. It might not even last that long if I really do remember. Then I'll bring the TW set with me to Korea. Then I have the peach scented Satin Hands hand cream. I love this thing so much. Probably my favourite MK product ever. It smells like Fuzzy Peaches. Next is the Extra Emollient Night Cream, This I have had for years. A little goes a long way, and I only use it when my heels or elbows are feeling really dry. It’s almost done though. Up next is the Satin Lips set. I always complain about dry lips, but I almost never remember to use this. >< This set makes my lips so soft. And last but not least, the nail polish. The purple one is called Intensity and the silver is Platinum. They were limited edition when I bought. MK hasn't had nail polish as part of their regular lineup in years. 

Ok, one more picture of the compact cause I love it so much. ^.^

So that's my MK collection. I think I remember everything.

Thank you Sonya!!

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