POPsters Behaving Badly

Before I talk about the badly behaved POPsters, I just want to say that “I'm sorry, but…” is not an apology. I don't agree with the things that Cassey Ho has said in her last two posts and I also think that the things said in them were very judgemental and worded very rudely. And instead of a real apology she just backed up the things she said and went on with her “I'm gonna do whatever I want attitude” without taking people’s feelings into consideration. This is really upsetting for me, because I really looked up to Cassey before this whole mess, and now I don't even want to follow her on any social media platform. If only she could give a real apology. 

Click here and here for the posts I'm referring to.

And click here to read a response left by someone else on facebook about the first post. Took the words right out of my mouth. 

Now on to the POPsters. As I've already said, I don’t agree with Cassey's posts and that's ok. You know what else is ok? Agreeing with her. Nothing wrong with that. We are all entitled to our own opinions. But what's not ok is bullying. 2013 and the message still hasn't gotten through. (I'm not saying Cassey shouldn't speak her mind, I am saying that she should do it respectfully.)

I am in no way ok with people naming calling, putting others down and making assumptions about people they don't even know (or about anyone). Some people were leaving hurtful comments directly aimed at Cassey and that is not ok. But instead of people showing Cassey support and bringing her up, they decided to go down a very unnecessary road. Read some…

Kirsty K: They are trolls Cassey. Please ignore them. 

Melissa D: Fat angry bitches that don't wanna lose weight through hard work. 

Άντρεα: cassey i will fuck all these bitches up with the triceps i you helped me build. gimme names &i'm there 

Dane G: dont let the losers get you 

Really? How is this ok? In what world? Why al the name calling? And then all the ridiculous assumptions made about the other cementers…

Canan G: Its really sad, you make people feel better and get disrespectful comments? Maybe they hate because they cant do your workouts without giving up ^^ 

Viola R: they're idiots! obviously they havent done even one of ur wrkouts to know how much it helps!keep your head held high Cass! 

Azalina J: These bitter people comes from bitter childhood. U shud twist your sadness to pity for they had lack of love. 

UGH!!! NO PEOPLE!! NO!! You don’t bring someone up by bringing others down. Even if these comments are aimed at the people who originally left nasty comments towards Cassey. This is not ok. I always thought POPsters were a supportive bunch. But instead I feel like I'm watching Mean Girls via facebook. So much hate. It's sickening. 
There's more...

Jenny H: Just know that those people are hurting inside themselves. It makes them feel better because they don't feel like they can ever have what you have. I think you are an amazing lady. 

Who’s hurting and how do you know? Please enlighten me. What gives you the right?

Lauren C: They're probably people who can't stick to the routine, and feel like crap and need to blame someone. … 

Who are you? What do you know about the people making comments? Oh wait! Nothing. You know nothing about these people and what they do. All you know is what they've left on the blogilates wall, and their name (assuming they use their real name on fb).

Andrea P: Let her have her own opinion?!? If you don't like what she has to say then ignore it. 

Yes, you are completely right Andrea. Cassey should have her own opinion. But that doesn't mean she needs to be rude in getting her point across. And no, I'm not going to ignore it, because bad behaviour needs to be called out.

So can you please stop? Stop hurting other people. Stop tearing people down. Stop calling people names.

Another thing I think people failed to see is that just because Cassey is the one running the blog, youtube channel, twitter account, etc., doesn't mean everyone has to see everything the way she does. I can disagree with her. This doesn't mean I'm a bad POPster, it means that I don't agree with something she said. So simple and so many can't see it. I couldn't find the comment again, but as I was scrolling through them earlier I noticed someone say that if someone is offended or doesn't agree with what’s being said, they should just unfollow. Is that really your best solution? What a way to deal with conflict. If I stopped talking to people simply based on the fact that I don’t agree with something they said, I would have no friends. There is no logic in this. Healthy respectful debates. That's what we need. I couldn't bother defending myself because there was so many people who weren't willing to listen to an opposing view. Isn't that what started all the drama in the first place? Listen. Think. Respond. Don't be a closed system.

For now I'm just going to have to take a break from blogilates, because I'm so embarrassed by the comments left by others. I don't want to be a part of a group that thinks it's ok to treat people so poorly. And to the POPsters who respectfully shared their opinions about the posts, thank you. Whether you agree with Cassey or agree with me it doesn't matter because respect is the number one thing here.

Now a cute picture to make you smile... 


Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments. Respectful comments. 

**These comments are all taken from the blogilates facebook page. I looked through hundreds, so I'm not going to bother with the comments left on the other social media platforms.

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