365: 29 - 35

Day 29: A date you’d love for someone to take you on… 

The whole idea of dating makes me uncomfortable, so no.

Day 30: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names…

I'm adopting. This is not something I think about any more. When I was younger, I liked the names Naomi and David. Recently, I like the name Colby. But in general I usually don't like names that are restricted to one gender. We need to move on from that and stop forcing people into boxes.

Day 31: A bit about your social life outside of tumblr…

Social life? Oh, well I see my best friend when I can. I don't really live in Toronto anymore so I don't see her often. I forced myself to go to my work's staff party the other day, but I left early. Recently, that's about it. Back in St. John's I think I did a better job of meeting new people this past semester. I did avoid a lot of events though. If it’s not one-on-one, I don't feel comfortable. No crowds please.

Day 32: How many pictures do you have in your room?


Story time…

When I was younger and thought I was a boy/wanted to be a boy/liked chilling with boys more than girls, I tried to do “boy” things. So all boys like cars right? -__- Anywho, I actually collected pictures of cars, usually from calendars, and to be honest a lot of them were really nice. But for some reason I went to the book fair one day, and I bought this poster. Just so you know, I think this car is ugly. So here’s what I think happened…

I find, even today, that a lot of some men like the ugliest cars. Sorry, not sorry, but Ferraris are ugly. They just are, deal with it. So in my quest to be a boy, I probably thought that if I got a poster of an ugly car, I’d be well on my way to being a boy. I am not proud of this purchase, but for whatever reason, I haven't had the heart to take it down. And it’s not like it’s been on this wall ever since I got it. It has moved in my room. At one point it was on the door. I have had plenty of chances to remove this this, but no.

And then there’s this...

I don't even like Pikachu

Yes, I counted this as one picture because I am actually too lazy to count past six. This poster is actually my grade 12 English research project. Well, part of it anyway. We could pick any topic we wanted, so naturally I picked VIA rail. ಠ_ಠ Yeeeaah… I really didn't want to do this project. But then it hit me, I love Nintendo, so why not research it? *Did you know that Nintendo has been around since 1889? Also, when I did this project, they recently changed their logo from red to grey. I didn't actually know this until I did the project and wasn't impressed. Bitch move.* Anywho, this is the poster thingy I brought in along with our Super Nintendo, my brother's N64, my sister’s Game Boy Color, my GBA and my friend let me borrow her DS. All this to show a bit of the evolution of the company’s products over time. I think my teacher was impressed that the hand held games went from those square cartridges to SD card looking things. haha Ok, enough of that.

Day 33: Someone who really hurt you…

My roommate from first year

We'll call her Spider, cause I don’'t like spiders. Spider and I were so close the entire year and we were both really upset when we found out that I couldn't stay on campus this past semester. (Good thing I got the exchange.) So we parted ways for the summer break. She went back home and I came back to Toronto. We texted a bit over the break. September rolls around and I let her know that I'm back in St. John's and so we make plans to meet on the Friday. Friday comes and I text her,

Winter: "Hey Spider, I got everything done for the day. Can I come over now?"

Spider: "Hey. I'm actually at work right now."

ಠ_ಠ Really. You couldn't tell me before?

Wtf So I ask if she'll be done soon or if we should reschedule. She says we'll reschedule.

So I don't here from her for 3 days and I text her asking what's up. Nothing. Post on her fb wall maybe a few days later. Nothing. 20 days after our first convo I text her again cause I was close by. Nothing. Did I do something wrong? I was so upset. We were so close and then she just decides to dash me away for no reason. I've never once said anything bad about her to anyone, so I really don't get it.

So maybe a month or more later, I'm walking in the university centre. Guess who I see walking towards me? Yeah that's right, Spider. As we walked past each other, she smiled and said hi. W.T.F. She acted like nothing's wrong and we're chill. What is wrong with you?! I was so pissed. Like no, I don't want to see your face. I literally cried over this whole thing, and you think it’s ok to walk past me and smile? Fuck you. Never want to see her again.

Day 34: Your horoscope for today and whether you think it’s accurate…

Well since we're close to CNY, I'll use my Chinese Zodiac sign.


Soon you will see more evidence of improving financial prospects, but today you may have to put some wings and wheels on your plans. It's a day for action, for making big, loud announcements, and for getting things done! You'll be busy and energized today.

I don't see any more money than usual. Only action was my workout. No announcements. Only thing that got done was my shift at work.

Day 35: What is your favorite Poptart flavor?

It used to be strawberry, but I don't think I'd be able to eat those things anymore.

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