Menstrual Cups: Round 2

This one's a lot shorter than the first one. Click here if you've missed it.

Day 1 

Woah!! That was easy. Well sort of. I recently started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and I was not impressed when my body decided to act normal for a change. I was a little too sore to do any squatting but it had to be done. I put the cup in after my workout in the shower. One shot and it was in! This time I decided to let it open as soon as it got past my hymen and before fully inserting, try to twist it a bit. WTF!! Still not happening. At least I don't think. I couldn't tell if the cup was moving or if my fingers were just sliding around the bottom. Either way, I felt like it was in better than last time. So I pushed it up and down a couple of times and hoped for the best. I was still feeling the pressure as before, but not as bad.

Day 2 

I actually had this thing in all night. No pain. No discomfort. No leaking. So shocked. But then I had to take it out. If you read my first post you already know that I can't get my fingers inside my vag and around the cup. So taking a cup full of blood out wasn't a fun experience. I had to bear down and pull on the stem, then once the base started to come out I had to squeeze it to break the suction and then continue to squeeze/fold so that it could come out. So with all that comes blood spilling everywhere. This was the messiest period since my first one. I was disgusted and frustrated. I hate blood and I certainly didn't want it all over the place, but there is no other way to get the cup out. I'm assuming men designed these things, cause it's really not practical. So after about 20 minutes in the washroom, I finally had this thing back in, and again, it was working out for me. Couldn't feel a thing. Had it in all day, no problem. Went through the horror of emptying it again at night, but this time in the shower. Still gross. Put it back in and good night.

I was also able to poo and pee with it in this time!! Although pooing took a little more effort than I would have liked.

Day 3 

I'd like to just forget this day even happened. I couldn't get it in properly and I was pissed. Last time this happened, I just stayed in bed all day. (I have this amazing ability to stay in one place once I fall asleep, so I never have to worry about period laundry.) But I actually had to go out. So I said fuck it, I'm still leaving this house. Thankfully it wasn't a heavy day, like almost completely stopped kind of days. But once I got back to the house, I needed to put it back in. Still not working. Livid. I knew this thing was too good to be true. But I left it in anyways, cause I wanted to do my work out and I figured leaking was better than an open tap. So after I worked out, I showered, took it out and went to bed. (And by went to be I mean laid on my bed and wasted time on the internet.) It's not easy to get anything done when there's no protection down there. And no, I will not alternate between the cup and tampons/pads. 

So I hate life. Trying to figure out why I'm constantly having to pay, in money and time, for the upkeep of a body/parts I never asked for and don't need/want. I didn't ask for boobs, but wearing bras are a choice and I choose not to waste my money on them. It's not that simple when a uterus is involved. Imagine all the ruined clothes. Either way, I'm gonna keep on trying with this thing. What other choice do I have right now? If I were staying in Toronto longer I would explore my options, but I have very limited time left here. When I get back, I will set things right with this body. I've had enough.


The cup is great when it decides to work and you're going about your day with no worries. But it's still way too involved if it has to be fully squeezed to be removed. When it doesn't work and bleached cotton is not an option, life sucks more than usual.

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