Pre Departure: Part 2

Snow Day 2013 

I'm tired. But that doesn't matter. I continue to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy every night. It took me four nights to watch the first one. I've seen it before, but I couldn't remember anyone's name or what even happened. Then I think it took me another four nights to watch the second. Why so long? Very emotional one for me. But I really love it. And last night I started watching the last one. I hate movies like this. Gets you so emotionally involved and then gone. I know I have The Hobbit series to watch next, but that will come to an end too. It's like Start Wars for me. I love love love those movies, but I haven't yet watched Episode III. Don't judge me. haha I know, how can I call myself a fan and not even seen the whole thing and it's been out so long? I just can't do it. I don't want it to end. What will I be left with after? The new Disney ones? HA!! nOPE. So I might do the same for The Hobbit series. Just not watch the last one for a long time. But it might make the whole thing worser. Anywho, I keep saying Legolas out loud and in my head. haha What a great name. Maybe if I have a child with that name, it will all just continue on for me.

And then there's packing. What packing? Exactly. I had every intention to start packing for Korea and packing up my room, but I have a lot of shifts this week and I'm going to obviously use that as an excuse for being lazy. And then next week I'll be frantically running around everywhere trying to get my shit together and stressing out. And then more stressing out cause I hate planes and my second flight is 11½ hours. So I might arrive in Korea sick from exhaustion. That is a weird word. I will try to get as much work done as possible. I tried yesterday, but woke up sick and couldn't even get to the mall in time to go to the bank. Today will be better.

I can't remember what else I've been doing lately. I have no energy, but I feel like I haven't been getting anything done. *sad face* 

OH!! I got a message on tumblr saying that my Korean writing is very good. That made me so happy. I always get nervous when writing in another language, especially Japanese, cause I think it's too messy. But apparently not. 

I'm pretty sure I mentioned at one point here that I was getting my hair cut and dyed, but I failed to upload a picture. This is from last month… 

Love it? Well don’t get used to it cause I'm getting it cut again on Friday. And relaxed, cause I do not know how to manage this head of hair.

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