Pre Departure: Part 3, On Packing

Let’s start with clothes.

This is what my bed looked like once I started organising my clothes into piles...

Coming with, maybe, probably giving away/throwing out and staying. These are the clothes that were on the top bunk. haha Still have some in laundry room, closet and drawers. Anywho, this task was a lot more difficult than I expected. Ever since Katimavik, I've had an easier time getting rid of stuff but there are still plenty of things that I've held on to. Things I no longer need or use but want to keep for sentimental value. Like my Pizza Nova shirt or the shirt my Dad brought back from Cuba. My Italy shirts my Mom bought me during FIFA 2002 or the tie dye shirt from one of my friend’s birthday party. How can I let these things go? UGH!!! My coming with pile was so small here, but then I went to buy a bunch of tees and tanks. -__-

Once the clothes part was done for the day, I moved on to books. I have too many books.

Ask me if I've even read half of them. My mistake was not reading them when it was easy for me. Had I known then that I would have so much trouble reading books in the future, I would have read them all. Most of my books I got when I was in grade school. Oh but the memories here too…

These are some of my favourites…

Stargirl is probably on top of that list.

And from high school...

And then there's the childrens books. wtf I'm so old.

Flip over and two new stories. I used to love this so much.

And my favourite of them all…

This copy I didn't buy until I was 13. My older sister has this book but I wanted a copy of my own. 

WHAAA!!! And then I'm on to the DVDs. ಠ__ಠ The plan was to bring one case of them. Only can hold 24 discs. I've got four workout DVDs, four dramas, (2 discs each), Energy Healing DVD and movies. Can't get down to just 24 so I cheat and doubled up on some.

The movies?

페어러브 (no clue what it's about) , The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 300, Once (newly added to favourites), Lars and The Real Girl, Apocalypto, District 9, Babies, Pan’s Labrinth, Finding Neverland, Peter Pan (2004), and Tropic Thunder

Good list or not?

Then all the stress with electronics. Soon I'll link to a post that I made for my school's blog. All about adapters, converters, hard drives and registering your electronics.

Also very busy with seeing people before I leave. Pottery painting, Korean food, birthday dinner & birthday party and Oscars. So busy. I kept on procrastinating to clean up my room and finish packing. I think if I'm super tired then I’ll sleep on the plane. Not something I want to do, but I don't want to be stressing for such long flights.

Also also, got my hair done again. Pix to come. No time right now.

Will be posting next time from Korea!!


  1. But wait! A handful of time was my book! LOL. Love you forever is a classic for true...

    1. haha I'm sure you gave it to me at some point in time.

  2. I want a copy of that book too! I still remember loving that book so much that I promised I'd sing the song to my children. I have a little while before I get one of those though. Don't plan on having kids for at least 5 more years... I think at some point I decided 27-32 was the ideal age haha.
    Anyway, I'm so excited for you! :)

    1. I said I'd do that too!! haha Such a good book.