365: 36 - 49

I promised I'd get back on this, and I'm picking up where I last was. I'm trying my best to answer catch up questions as though I have not been to Korea. Until of course I catch up.

Day 36: What do you think about your friends? 

What friends? Jokes. My friends are awesome. All so different from each other so I never know how they'd get along if and when they meet. But usually, and I think I've mentioned this before, I usually like one on one time with my friends. I feel so awkward when there are more people cause I feel like I fade in the background. Even if it's just a group of three.

Day 37: Who are you?

Good question. Something I've been asking myself a lot lately. It's too stressful to deal with right now, so I'd put it in the back of my head until I get back from Korea. Unhealthy, yes. But necessary I think if I want to enjoy my exchange.

Day 38: Thoughts on your generation…

Unbelievably sarcastic, underrated, overworked, talented, passionate, a little lost and pissed off at the older generations for fucking everything up and trying to make sheep out of us. Run. On. Sentence.

Day 39: Why you think you've learned more from the good or the bad?

o.O What?

Day 40: What are features you get complimented on a lot?
Used to get compliments on my eyebrows all the time. But not so much recently. Why? haha People always asked if I do them and don't believe me when I say no. So proof that I've always had these stellar eyebrows… 

I was a super cute kid.

Ok, not really stellar. I actually have never been happy with them cause they are not even and it really bothers me cause it can't simply be fixed with a brush. And I'm so bad at filling them.

Day 41: When was the last time you wrote a letter? To whom?

2011, to my Project Leader. At the end of Katimavik I gave her a letter. Not an easy one writing that. I was such a mess at the end of the program. Tearing up now thinking about it. I miss my KatimaFamily so much.

Day 42: What do you think of your driver's license picture?

I don't have one. 22 and not ashamed. lol Ontario has this new ID for slackers like me who don't get license but don't want to carry their passport around as proper ID. Mine is horrible. No, I will not upload it. Looks like a mug shot, make me look so fat and can't wear glasses for this one either. You will not see me on the street without my glasses so I should be wearing them in all my IDs as well. Makes sense or not?

Day 43: Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

Isn't that along the same lines of lying by omission? If so, then yes.

Day 44: When was the last time you wore a dress?

Stupid question. Who keeps track of such useless things like this?

Day 45: When was the last time you tried something new?

Korean BBQ soon after I arrived back to Toronto. I went with my sister and cousins. Such good food. And so much too. But really, I'm so lazy to cook my own food when I'm out. What am I paying for?

Day 46: What makes you smile?

Tom Hiddleston's smile.

Day 47: What was your last Halloween costume?

I think I was a farmer back in kindergarten, and for Sparks too. I think some of my siblings caused a fuss because we don't celebrate Halloween and they couldn't see why I got to dress up. Thinking back on it, I don't know why either. haha I think it was an early sign that I'm gonna always get my way. Ok not always, but sometimes I do even when I shouldn't.

Day 48: Your life story in three words…

Traumatic. Adventurous. Challenging.

Day 49: Are you a lover or a fighter?

In terms of what?

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