A little story that makes me smile… 

I can't remember where we were coming from, but Daphne and I were on our way back to dorm one night and there was this guy by the Crown Concert Hall (literally looks like a crown). He was having a smoke break, but singing between puffs. Opera. All I could think was Wexford. This is where I should be. lol When we started hearing him he was actually finishing. So we clapped, said bravo and I asked him to keep going. But he went inside. Twenty seconds later, when our backs are now to the entrance, we hear him start to sing again and we just stood there and watched this shadow in the night. Who are you? Please marry me. haha Well that was that. He didn't sing for long but when he finished I thanked him in Korean. We laughed to ourselves at the randomness of this as we continued on our way. Pretty sure this happened on a Saturday too. So yeah, definitely Wexford.

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