Good Friday

Not even worth my time to tell this story, but plans for the night are no longer in motion and I have nothing better to do with my time. 

So I was waiting with my friend Daniel after class today to meet one of his friends, and there were some other people from the other class hanging around as well. One of them mentions something about Good Friday, and this next person is like “No, it’s Great Friday.”

Oh? So I’m like, “Well I’ve always known it as Good Friday.”

“Oh really? What’s your religion?”

“I don’t have one.”

And she gets ready to school me. Cause you know, I’m a heathen and can’t possibly know anything about a Christian holiday. Unfortunately, I was brought up in a Christian household and I do know about their holidays. And even if I wasn’t brought up that way, it’s a national holiday in Canada because the country was “founded” by Christians. -__- Move. From. Me.

She wants to put me in my place. Starts to go on about the origins of the name “Great Friday”. Trying to suggest that this is the only name for the holiday, and I honestly just want to box her at this point cause I’m starting to get a bit of an attitude. “Oh cool. Well in Canada it’s called Good Friday. I think in America too.”

Backs down cause she knows she can’t argue with a Canadian about what Canadians call it. “Oh. Where I’m from it’s called Great Friday.”

Too late, you’re rude. I don’t care.

And that’s it.

Happy Bun N Cheese Weekend!!!

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