Let's Fly

Tuesday February 26th 2013 

I didn't sleep at all cause I had so much to do still before I could leave. Filling out application forms, scanning & printing documents and blogging all night. But this was ok, cause I knew that if I was really tired for the plane ride I would sleep for a little at least. I was freaking out on the ride to the airport. Before this, my longest flight was four hours. To go to Korea, it was five hours to Vancouver and then 11½ to Incheon. ಠ_ಠ Not ok. So in the car I'm stressing and my body starts to have these pains. The same ones that I get when I'm flying, and I'm like to myself “You are the cause of these painful plane rides!!” It's never the plane that’s the problem. I stress myself out so much that I am in physical pain. So there’s that.

I got to the airport early and everything went smoothly. I had already got my boarding pass in the night, so I just had to print my bag tag and drop it off. So simple, I should do more often. (My bag was 50lb on the dot!!) But then I asked about registering my electronics and the woman said that I'll have to do that when I get to Vancuver.

Security then wait. Still panicking as I wait to board. Then when we're on the plane, still had to wait for so long before takeoff. We left a half hour late, but I wasn't worried about missing the next plane cause there was still one more plane going from YYZ to YVR to ICN. The first two hours of this flight were awful. Every bump I think we're going to die. I kept asking myself what I was thinking going half way around the world. And I remembered the conversation I had with my brother, sister and dad the other day that if something should happen to me, not to let the media take a bad picture of me to display. Give them a respectable picture for people to see. So I'm going through all the pictures in my head wondering which one they'll pick. But then I fall asleep. And I wake up to this maybe 30min later… 

wtf I never take plane pictures 

but so beautiful 

these photos do no justice 

The rest of the plane ride was very calm for me, and I had the smoothest landing ever. Then I arrive in Vancouver and the only check I have is a man to look at my boarding pass. That’s it. I'm about to fly internationally and this is it for check. I know I already went through security in YYZ but I figured there would be more to it. So I see someone and ask about registering my electronics and she told me to check with my airline. I can tell that this is not going to work out. So I wait until I see someone at the stand for my gate. When I ask him he said that I should have done it before, and I told him that I was told to do this in Vancouver. And he says that I'm not going to have enough time, but not to worry as long as they are not new. Not worry!?! I've heard horror stories of people who get taxed on things they already owned before. I'm not going to make my stuff look purposely old either so they don't question me. What are my alternatives? The only thing I'm really worried about is my new camera though. Maybe I shouldn't worry. I have always had an easy time with airports. Just don't look suspicious right?

Ok so now to board the plane for Korea. The plane ride was supposed to be 11½ hours but the pilot said the winds are in our favour, and should only take 10h 43min. This is good news cause if I get to ICN by 3:10 I could get 4pm airport pickup instead of waiting until 8pm. But of course, we must leave late again. What's your excuse? Everyone's on board. So we leave and I start off calm. Continuation from last flight. But then we keep hitting turbulence and at one point we do again and the pilot (maybe flight attendant) says that this will continue for 10min. Excuse you? So that's no fun. But I survive. I used air plane washroom for the first time. No way I could have avoided it. Not a pleasant experience. I also watched some movies. First, Pitch Perfect. meh Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. better Then Hotel Transylvania. cute Also I listened to Rachael Macfarlane's album on repeat for a while. And last part of trip, I listened to my Queen, Sarah Vaughan.

The meals were ok. I always got first because I requested special meal. The first was some mustard chicken thing. But then I realised that my meal was not only lactose free, but gluten free too. Why? I think I did that cause I can't only get lactose free meal. Or maybe they messed this up. So I ate some really dry dinner rolls with sunflower seeds baked in. then second meal was some Cajun chicken. Air Canada missed the ball on that one. About two hours left for the flight, the flight attendants hand out cup noodles. Cause you know, we're going to Asia. -__- Just stop.

We landed after 4 I think. No chance for the 4pm pick up. Ah well. To go to baggage claim, a train takes you part of the way. I got through immigration and customs or whatever pretty quickly. But as I was to exit through to the terminal, a man who worked there stopped me and asked if I was with the army. The American army. Please don't insult me. Go watch The Invisible War and ask me that again. So I wait in the airport, eat a sandwich I bought in Vancouver and use the washroom. When I walked into the stall there's plastic covering the seat and a button saying to press before use. I press and the plastic moves so that I have fresh one now. Pretty cool. I wanted to take a video, but no.

I finally go to meeting place and wait for 40 minutes before we can leave. I'm too tired for this. But then we get to the bus and look at this… 

but you saw me take my camera out, so...

Anyway, such nice welcome, but t
hen Amy, exchange student from Japan, said something along the lines of "And now two hours to get to Kyung Hee." I'm sorry, what? This day will never end. Of course it had, cause we were already into the 27th cause of time zone differences. But still. I was so done. I eventually fell asleep on the bus. The campus was so dark when we arrived, I couldn't see a thing. But I guess I didn't care. I just wanted to shower and go to bed. 

Orientation post soon to come!!

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