Let's Get Some Food

First week here, Daphne and I went to the grocery store with SooIn and our unofficial buddy EunKyung. When we were coming to the end of the shopping trip, they suggested that we get our groceries delivered. Whut?? Delivered. For free. What is this magic? You go shopping for food and w/e else and then pack it all in boxes (also provided) and then fill out a form and wait for it to get to your house. Loves it. 

After we finished that, we all came back to our dorm. And Eun divided the receipt for us, cause everything was on one bill so I had to pay back for my stuff and half for things we share. While going through the receipt, Eun noticed that daphne was charged 49,000₩ ($46.45CAD) for a pack of kiwis!! Whaaa!! So SooIn called the store and explained what happened. They apologised and offered to give a refund and gift card/store credit too. SooIn left Daphne with a note to bring back to the store next time we go shopping and they would know what to do. Or so we thought…

We went back last week cause more food was needed, and before we shopped we decided to clear up the kiwi problem. But no luck. No one spoke English and it was pretty intense how the costumer service lady was looking so frantic to figure this thing out. No one could help, in person or on the phone. So we eventually decided to come back with either SooIn or Eun. What a lala. I really need to pick up this language fast.

On to shopping. Bananas. I'm not in Canada anymore. I'm used to picking up 3-5 bananas at any given time and sometimes not always from the same bunch. But in Korea, or maybe just this store
(EDIT: It's a Korean thing.), you must buy the whole bunch!! All 15 haha 왜? Did I use that right? So we split it. I don't like this system. What if I was on my own? Can't finish 15 bananas to myself. Anywho, I felt like I made myself look like a picky eater. I wanted fruits but I didn't know which ones, and wasn't a fan of the rices. Produce section seemed smaller than what I'm used to as well. So I just got bananas. (later bought oranges from man on the street.)

Going through the rest of the store was a little traumatic for me. I bought some oatmeal the first time, but I don’t like the texture and wanted other cereal. But of course, most “big kid” cereal has nuts in it. All that's left is the sugar filled stuff for the kids. No thanks. Really my main concern is just to have breakfast foods and some snacks. I didn't know what to do. Felt like I was close to becoming one of those spoiled North Americans who go to other countries demanding all the things they're used to. lol But no, I have more sense than that. I think the biggest issue is the price of fruits. It hurts to buy here. haha

Then there's the tuna. In the past ten years, Canada has been getting a lot of different flavours of canned tuna. But nothing compares to Korea… 

I need someone to dress me in the morning

What. Is. This!?! It's not even your average lemon&peppercorn flavoured tuna either. It's고추장 (red pepper paste), 불고기 (bulgogi) and김치찌개 (kimchi stew). Really? On top of that, the sizes of cans were kind of mixed up, and then there were the different packs. Some in threes some in fours… I spent at least five minutes looking through this trying to decide.

I did find a glorious selection of snacks though. Appreciated this more than all the tuna. I couldn't even comprehend it. Why aren't Koreans bigger? haha I need to get a picture of the rows of snacks in this store. Corn chips are my new best friend. They actually taste like corn. Imagine that. The flavours of chips here are beautiful; chicken leg flavour, shrimp flavour and onions. I know onions aren't so different, but I'm not talking the sour cream & onion kind of onion. I'm talking onion as in chop-up-and-cry onion. And just that too. Nothing else to go with it. Anywho, this is one of the snacks that I bought. 

The lady said it had cream inside, and I imagined something like Jos. Louis. Nope. It's pretty much the same thing as marshmallows. w/e still good.


Few days after we went shopping, Eun went back with Daphne. Not only did she get a refund on the kiwis, but a bag of oranges too!! May not seem like a big deal, but as I already said, fruits are so expensive here. So yes, it’s a big deal.

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