Menstrual Cups: They're Not That Great

Well they're not great at all...

This will be my last post about menstrual cups. At least until I get a new one or a miracle happens and I fall in love with the one I have now. I am so not impressed with this product. 

First two posts here and here.

The first problem is it that I never had any problems with tampons. All these complaints that I hear people talking about, dryness, discomfort, irritation, blah blah blah… I never had any of it. So switching to cups was a step down. I only switched because of the whole bleached cotton thing. Otherwise I would have been fine with it.

Another problem is these things are so stupid cause you must pay the money for them and then realise that you wasted $50 because the one you got doesn't fit/has the wrong firmness/has an impossible stem to work with. Whatever the problem. Many companies don't give refunds. Even if I got half my money back I wouldn't be so upset. How much money does this poor university student have to shell out before they find a proper cup?

And these companies are all like, “Here's two cups. The first cup is for youngins and the second is for people who've been preggers.” And that’s it. So you'd expect that if you buy the “youngins” size and you are indeed a youngin, it’s gonna fit. But no. You then realise that one company's “youngins” size is another company’s “preggers” size and now you have a cup that doesn't fit right. And then you have other people who say “Oh, I've given birth five times so I'll get the “preggers” size, but really they are super blessed and back down to pre-pregnancy size and so their cup is too big. Or you have youngins saying “Hey, I'm a youngin, I'll get the "youngins" size, but really they have a wide set vag and their cup is too small. Do you see where I'm going here? There’s not enough information, and far too much misinformation, from the companies selling these products. There are websites that have sizing charts, but how exactly am I supposed to measure my vag? Like I'm here complaining, but really I have no idea how to solve this problem myself. It just sucks.

Not many pros…

I don't have to change the thing all the time. Great. I don't to bring any tampons with me throughout the day and change in gross public washrooms.

When it’s in properly, there are no leaks. (Same with tampons)

When they're in properly, I don’t feel a thing. (Again, same with tampons)

(︶︿︶)Not a very impressive list. haha

Problems with the cup…

Before the cup, I had super-painful-stay-in-bed-all-day-for-two-days kind of cramps. Still had them while using the cup, but the last time I used it I didn't have cramps during at all. Instead I had serious cramps after the fact. For about three days. ಠ_ಠ Are you kidding me right now? wtf is that?

Still can't go to the washroom comfortably. There was that one time that I had no problem going to poo. But that's a thing of the past. I always feel like I'm constipated when I have to go. 재미 없어

The first time I put the cup in, everything's perfect, but as soon as I have to change it life's miserable again. Which leads to my next problem…

I still don't know when it's open. I don't know why everything just gets into place so easily the first time and then never again. There's no way for me to stick all my fingers up there to properly adjust the damn thing, but it never feels right once it's been changed. Like it's so obviously in my vag and I can feel it cause it’s either not open properly or it's not sitting right. So annoyed with life.

And the biggest problem? It's so damn messy!! I can't with this. Every time I go to change everything just comes spilling out. No. I don't need to see that and I don't want it all over my hands. I'm not a fucking surgeon. 

At the end of the day, I feel like this is all just a money making business. Not about the environment or people's health. And did I mention before how disgusted I am with the sexist advertising with these products. This is supposed to be a forward thinking product right? Then why am I seeing so many flowers, pink and purple on packaging and websites? It's so uncomfortable. Even more uncomfortable, is the lack of gender neutralness. Periods are NOT a women’s thing, they're a uterus thing.

What now?

***My other posts about menstrual cups have gotten a lot of questions, comments and even suggestions, just not in the comment section. Thank you for all of them. If you're not comfortable talking about this in public, feel free to shoot me an email... winter2789@yahoo.ca


  1. Have you been to menstrualcups dot livejournal dot com? They give a lot of great advice.

    I struggled with my first cup and it did suck having to buy a second one but I feel it's worth it in terms of my health (no chemically-sprayed fibers being left behind by tampons, and no chemicals next to my vagina with the use of pads).
    I use a cup for environmental reasons-I'm not throwing away pad or tampons.
    I did use cloth pads, but I got tired of those and I was tired of not being able to swim or exercise the way I wanted when I was on my period.

    There are techniques to make it less messy when you're emptying it. I suggest Livejournal for tips and watching Youtube videos. The Youtube videos were really helpful for me.

    I do agree with you regarding the sexist advertising, but it's just a reflection of the society we live in.

    Best of luck to you!

    1. Thanks for commenting!!

      I have been to the livejournal site. I think I complained about it in an earlier. A lot of "take a deep breath" and "relax". lol Like I didn't already know that. Maybe it's better now. I haven't made much use of youtube though, so I'll have to give that a try.

      And yeah, cloth pads are not an option for me.

  2. Hey, just wanted to comment that though I really do like the DivaCup (it's okay, it's not necessarily for everybody), I COMPLETELY agree with you on the company's backward advertising and lack of consideration for trans* people.