Pretty Cases

In January I bought a new camera. Such a nice camera deserves a nice case right?

Camera and case

Didn't originally want it simple looking. I actually wanted to bling out my camera like Xiaxue did to her old LX3…


…but then I buy and see how pretty it is. Too scared to mess it up. But hey, I have this plain white case for my camera now. Not personal enough for me so I decided to use some of the crystals I bought originally for the camera. Real Swarovski Crystals, ss16 in Sapphire. (If I'm ever silly enough to get married, I want sapphire ring. Diamonds are so ugly.)

Here's the case now... 

My brother says I ruined it, but I like it.

I was so into blinging things out that I took my new MK beauty case and made it pretty too. See before picture here.

I used Swarovski Crystals, ss7 in Jonquil

You like?

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