Quick Update

Honeymoon period is over. Storming  now maybe. But I still love it here. Especially since everything I hear about Canada recently is very negative. I should just stay here. Can I do that?

School's getting more challenging which is good. But I am very thankful I took that intermediate course back in the summer, cause I know how the rules work. But maybe some are too advanced for beginner. Having a little trouble with 아요/어요/해요 rule. Too many exceptions. Knowing Japanese helps too, cause it also has same sentence structure, many words from China and particles. I don't like that we are learning so many grammar rules and useless words though. It wouldn't be so bad if I learned Korean like this in Canada, but I'm not. I don't think learning 아요/어요/해요 rule is more important or basic than learning numbers, how to ask how much something costs, or "I'd like to order ____." It's ok if we know a phrase but not the rules, we are here now and need to use these things right away.

This was supposed to be a busy week, but things  keep falling through. Getting very frustrating, and to make things worse my phone sucks. Since I came to Korea, it cannot keep it's charge. So I leave at 8:30 in the morning with 80% life and by 1:00 in the afternoon it's dead. I cannot deal with this. Need to get a new phone ASAP. 

I finally finished watching Tennant's first season of Doctor Who. So now I have watched at least a season of all three new doctors. I love nine, still not ready to accept ten and I find eleven annoying. Also, I really didn't like Rose Tyler. Why was she on it for so long? Not so sad to see her go, but shitty way to end eh? Looking forward to catching up with the new series. (In North America a series is the whole show, and a season is what you call a series. So what do you call a series then?) I want to try to watch as much of original series as possible before November. 

For a couple of days I could not watch any Doctor Who episodes, so I started to catch up again on The Vampire Diaries and started watching Breaking Bad. Jaw always dropped with these shows. So good.

There's more to update, but I'll leave you with this final thing...

I have officially been accepted in Chonnam National University's Summer Session. I didn't expect not to, but it's always good when things are official. Took me so long to post about KHU. So as soon as I finish my first semester here, I must hop on a train for CNU which is in 광주 (Gwangju). I am very excited to get to live in another part of Korea. Population is much smaller than Seoul.


  1. 아요/어요/해요 is actually a very important grammar point, a little bit like the て- form in Japanese. So you can use it for instance like してください: 해 주세요, or like してしまった: 해 버렸어. ;)

    1. Whaaa!! haha Thank you. Sometimes I think I should be learning Korean in Japanese. It's so much easier to make comparisons like that. Thank you thank you thank you.