March 19, 2013. 

Everyone staying in Korea for longer than three months needs to get something called an Alien Registration Card. It's basically as important as your passport, and it allows you to make big purchases and get a phone (legally). Also proves that you're allowed to be in the country. And apparently it allows you to leave the country and come back in even if you only have a one time entry visa. Need to confirm this one before I make any solid plans. So you gotta guard this thing with your life.

I went with Daphne, Victor and Cédric (exchange) and Gyumi (*IFCC) after class. To apply for this card, you have to go to the immigration office closest to where you live, and this place was hot. Like 300+ sweaty bodies in an unairconed room kind of hot. Thankfully, we all had appointments, so we didn't have to wait for six hours which apparently some people do. Why though? You must get the card within 90 days of arriving. So why not just wait a little and set an appointment? w/e We got things sorted out quite easily thanks to Gyumi. If your Korean is very limited, I highly suggest you go with someone who can speak the language. 

It was all pretty easy, except I had to go get more photos done. **Passport size photos in Canada are bigger than what actually show up in your passport, so the man did not except what I had. Got my new pictures, did my prints and got to keep my passport. We were told earlier that the office keeps your passport, but this might be another depending-on-which-office-you-go-to situation. Good for me too cause I hadn't opened my bank account yet. 

After that we went to a café/bakery. Like a real French café kind of deal. Wow. This place was impressive. And massive. 

Actually really big one for a café. There’s a whole other section behind me almost as big, and the kitchen was big too. 

After that, we went for a bit of a walk until we ended up at a different subway entrance. Daphne and I weren't home for long before we headed out again for dinner with Cedric. 

Amazing food as always. And spicy. Second time I had really spicy food in Korea. I think this had squid and kimchi in it. Can't remember what else.

Good conversation and bellies full. We headed home. It was a long day but a successful one.

*When I went to pick up my card, I ran into a Canadian studying at University of Seoul. The person he saw when he applied earlier accepted the Canadian passport size photo. So it just depends on who you see. Get the smaller ones just to be safe, cause the photo booth in the office costs 6000won. Mind you, it gives you six copies of the picture. But now I have five extras of ugly photos of myself that I'll never use.

**International Friendship and Culture Club
This is the group of students that basically take care of the international students. Mostly exchange students cause the KGSP students are well taken care of.


  1. Are you and KGSP or exchange student?

    1. I'm an exchange student. That's why I had to apply for my ARC on my own.