Gentleman: The Aftermath

Remember when I said that I wouldn't care about any negative reviews or comments aimed at the new song and video? I lied. I can't handle it. 

Before I even get to the song and video reactions, I'll talk about the fools that were making comments during the show. Cause I think they're the ones who broke me down. I know the fools exist, but I honestly didn't think they'd actually take the time to sit and watch the concert of someone they don't care for. Like really you have nothing better to do with your time? The racism was rushing through their veins last night and I couldn't handle it. It's so unnecessary. And I don't even see the point, cause you say all these nasty things about someone and they'll probably never see. It's that person's fans that you're hurting. And I know some people just say to brush it off and don't mind them, but I can't. Not with PSY. He's one of my favourite entertainers of ever. While watching the show I was so overcome with emotion. Very overwhelming feeling, like I was witnessing something extremely special. And I believe I was. This must be what religious people feel like. That’s some strong emotions, cause look at the history of nearly every religion and what they've done when people don't agree with them. haha So that's how passionate I feel about PSY. That's why I can't just brush it off.

Still don't understand? I really love BIGBANG, but you can criticise them, and I’d think about it and come to the conclusion that there's always room for improvement. Or if you say something bad about them, I'd just walk away and curse you. But when people say something negative about PSY, I will cry. It’s like a knife to my heart. I cannot handle it. And I was stupid to think that I’d gain a thicker skin over this past year when he became world famous. This is why I always fear for him and worry about him. You'd think I'm in love with the man the way I'm going on about him. But I'll move on now. 


About the video, it has been getting more positive views than I expected. I think I figured people would be too much on the sensitive side and take it too seriously. But I'm seeing a lot more good than bad, and this makes me happy. But when the comments aren't in PSY's favour they're usually really unnecessary. I've never liked a video that Beyoncé has done, but I have never gone out of my way to leave any comments on them. What’s the point? But this thinking isn't universal, so I must find a way to deal. People will forever say that PSY's trying too hard, and I'll never get it. Is it really that difficult to look up his old videos and see that this is what he does? Always at loss for words when I first see any of his videos. He’s not trying too hard. He’s just doing what he's always done. Then people comment on everything from his looks to his weight. This is really that important to you? His looks? What does that have to do with anything? It’s so annoying. And then again with the racism. It’s never ending with these people.

"Why don't you just stop reading the comments?" 

Valid question. For a solid year I did, cause there wasn't anything happening in the music world that was worth me getting stressed over. Many artists I like released new music, but none of them as important to me. When PSY does something new I read the comments because from I first learned about him, they were positive. Unfortunately now that the world knows about him, he has attracted the attention of everyone, including the haters. Despite this, I still read on cause as I said before, there's more good than bad.

So that’s it. I'm a big baby when it comes to PSY.

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