Just To Clear the Air

I'll start this one with saying that I'm not upset with anyone when it comes to the following topic. I'm just frustrated with all the false views of Canada and frustrated at myself for not being able to communicate my thoughts in person. I'm good with words when written or typed. But in person, I can never seem to find the right way to express myself. So this post is not me lashing out or being bitter. I just want to explain.

I am well aware of the privilege I have being born in Canada. I do realise how good I have it. And I am thankful. That being said, I'm very annoyed with this cookie cutter version of Canada that the world seems to have. "Everyone's so nice, it's beautiful, it so safe." Nice compared to where? Beautiful compared to where? Safe compared to where? (Ok, in the country it is really beautiful I must admit.) 

Or, saying someone can't feel unsafe because there are more dangerous places out there is like saying someone can't feel safe because there are safer places out there.

I know we are not under constant threat of war. I don't have drug dealers standing on the corner of my street, not to say that doesn't happen in Canada. So yes, it might be safer than other countries, but not all. And it's certainly not the safest. Just because I don't have to worry about stepping on a landmine, doesn't mean I'm always going to feel safe. Please, let's not compare. I get very frustrated when people act like I don't know what I'm talking about. Like I'm blind to the problems of the world. I know there are problems in the world, but that doesn't negate the problems in Canada. It's not a perfect country. It's like saying to me
 "Well think about the hungry kids in Africa." ಠ_ಠ Seriously? Yes I know that there are hungry kids in Africa, but how about I think about the hungry kids in Canada first? (Because yes, there are hungry kids in Canada.) People are always so quick to push the bad stuff out, and usually to Africa. (I wonder why that is?) They make it seem like these problems are elsewhere. Ever heard of Davis Inlet? Pretty sure that happened in Canada. I really thought that it was only other Canadians who had this we're-so-great attitude. But no, we've fooled the world. We've fooled the world into thinking that the problems of the world exist outside of Canada, and as soon as someone makes a complaint, they're not very appreciative. 

That is not ok. Trying to make my feelings/lived experiences invalid is not ok. I'm a victim of a violent crime. I've witnessed a violent crime. I've faced racism. I've been in some pretty scary situations in my life. And these things have happened in Canada. So I'm not going to feel safe anymore. This is natural I think. And now I'm living in Korea, where it's statistically safer than Canada and I've felt it from the first day I arrived. I'm not saying I can't get hurt here or that I'll never have to deal with racism. I'm not naïve. But as it stands, Korea is looking a lot better than most places I've been in Canada.

There are probably loads of Canadians who feel 100% safe all the time. But I think it'd be safe to come to the conclusion that they've never been attacked or seen someone being attacked. I'm going to assume that they've never been chased down a street or seen some random act of extreme violence. (And if they have experienced any of this and still feel completely safe, they're really skilled at blocking things out.)

I have been to a country where I felt really unsafe, and so I obviously wanted to go back to Canada. haha But the stuff that happened in Canada cannot be erased and now I've experienced something better. So of course I'd want to stay here. Doesn't everyone want to feel safe? Am I really that bad of a person for wanting to walk outside of my house after sundown without fear of being hurt? Cause I can't do that where I've lived.

As for Canadians being nice, I'm from Toronto. haha Not many nice people there. But go to Steinbach, Chisasibi, or Quebec City, plenty of nice people from what I remember. But aren't there nice people everywhere? I'm sure there are some in Toronto, just not a concentrated amount, so it's difficult to find so far. But everywhere's got their meanies too. Like I've dealt with some pretty shitty attitudes, racist and otherwise, in St. John's and the longer I've spent there the more I debate becoming a resident. So to say that everyone's so nice is a huge exaggeration. Anywhere else I've been in Canada I hadn't been for more than a week so I cannot say.

Ok, that's all. 

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