On My Mind

I am so tired and I'm feeling a little sick. 

Midterms are starting in two days and I feel like I'm nowhere near ready. But flashcards are proving to be useful for the first time ever. 

I've been having problems with some people, and am trying really hard not to punch anyone in the face. But I'm happy it's not Koreans I'm having problems with. haha I still love it here, and the longer I stay, the more reason I have not to go back to Canada. 

I've been having dreams about my summer session in Gwangju. Really excited for that. 

I finally finished watching Big Love two days ago and I can't deal. Stupid idea to finish it so close to exams. 

I don't like pooping when someone is close by. Difficult one to deal with when living in such a small apartment . 

I want a dog. Been feeling lonely lately. I've been backing out of group things like they'd kill me. Just need one on one time with people.

I really like seafood.

My birthday is this Saturday, and I don't know what I want to do yet. 

Buddha's birthday is coming up. I'm finally going to do something related to my major. Also thinking of doing a temple stay soon.

I miss watching Family Guy.

I met someone from Mongolia yesterday and freaked out in front of him when he told me. haha I want to go there next.

I really want to come back to Korea to do my Master's, but I can't see how that can happen without KGSP. Need to set my beliefs aside and marry rich so I can afford it.

Been getting a lot of traffic to my blog lately and I'm really touched. I honestly appreciate everyone who takes the time to read the nonsense I post on here. I may not know you, but I take comfort in knowing that people actually care to listen to what I have to say. I don't usually get that feeling in person. Thank you. 

Got plenty of posts on the go, but no time to work on them. So sorry. I'll post again on Sunday, assuming I'd be in good condition after my birthday.

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