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I have a problem when it comes to keeping posts short, so I'll cheat and split this one up. And congratulations PSY on being the first person to get your their label on my blog.

Last night PSY had his show, Happening, at Seoul World Cup Stadium and I watched it on youtube. I laughed. I cried. And I danced. Right Now is the first song he performed. Can never get old. Also first song I ever heard from PSY. I fell in love with the song and him right away. I don’t what it is about this man, but to me, he is perfection. So talented and entertaining. I remember when I first watched It's Art, I said to myself, "One day I will be a dancer in a PSY concert." Ok, so I gave up on dance a while ago, so that changed to, "One day I will go to a PSY concert." I so regret not getting a ticket for this one, cause from what I hear they weren't that expensive. But w/e, I was sick anyways. But next time.

I didn't expect a lot from this concert. I know it's strange to say when talking about PSY, but I didn't realise it'd be a full concert, costume changes included. Haha I knew he'd be showing the "new" dance and the world be watching. But he was telling jokes, profusely thanking his fans and giving proper introductions to a lot of his songs. Buddy flew and everything. It was amazing. I was so happy with the show. And very happy that he performed my favourite songs from 'PSYFIVE', including It's Art. No shortage of tears over here. And then Lee Hi performing What Would Have Been with him was cool, although she looked a little awkward. 



OHMYOHMY!!! I did not see this one coming. I was smiling from ear to ear. The perfection that is CL. I can't even with this woman. She's flawless, and the way she went on in the Can't Nobody performance. Golden. Good show. Since my Korean is still really terrible, I didn't know until after the fact that she said they'd be making their comeback soon. Excuse me while I empty my bladder, cause the excitement is too much.


This I knew about cause YG tweeted it during the show. I already love this man but I now have a new respect for him. Any time you see GD dancing with BIGBANG, he’s usually being a lazy fucker. Just marking the movements or falling over himself case he’s a little too intense. And it sometimes gets frustrating cause you know he can dance, but Taeyang just takes it away and you accept that. But when this man is without BB, he shows everyone what he can do. I was so shocked, jaw dropped and everything. So impressed. It was beautiful, and at times I felt like I was watching Taeyang dancing. Thank you.

Out of the whole show, there was only one thing I wasn't happy about: Fantastic Baby. GD, you are one of my favourite rappers. Like top 5 along with PSY, Lupe Fiasco, Tablo and…. Ok top 4. Moving on. There are certain things you shouldn't do. Like performing a BIGBANG song without BIGBANG. I was actually upset about this one, but I'm on the road to forgiveness, cause you finished it off going back into Crayon. But why no 미치GO performance? 

One comment on the Beyonc
é tribute. When he announced on twitter that he’d be doing a tribute to her, I rolled my eyes and wondered why. Like who's Beyoncé  I didn’t hit me that he'd do the Single Ladies dance, cause it’s nothing new. There's videos all over youtube of him doing it. So I actually wondered what he would do. haha So when I saw that it was Single Ladies I wasn't so annoyed cause I like his version better than the original. Straight face he can keep throughout. How? One thing I would have changed though. It would have been awesome if he wore Seo Woo's costume from his Right Now MV.

And then the video starts…

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