April 3, 2013. 

On the way to pick up our ARC cards. An aunty sits beside us (Daphne and another) on the subway, and I notice her look over at the small group of foreigners sitting to her left. She reaches into her bag and takes out a pack of mints or candies. Still don't know what they were. And she nudges me and puts three in my hand while pointing to Daphne and buddy as though to share with them. So I thank her in Korean and pass along the candies. After tasting, I told her it tastes good in Korean, and she gets all impressed and asks if I speak Korean. I tell her I'm a beginner and that I'm here studying on exchange. She then asks me how long I've been here. “One year?” she asks. “No, just one month.” And she's all happy and impressed with my Korean, tells me that I'm good. I thank her again. When we get up to leave aunty says bye to me in English. haha so cute. Almost every time I talk to someone older in Korean they finish with either a thank you or goodbye in English. (Thank you if I'm buying something from them.) I love it.

I'm really happy this happened cause I was a little put off by all the ignorance I had to listen to during lunch. haha Let me leave it there.

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