Three Weeks

wtf These past three weeks have been crazy. Starting from my birthday. I had a really good time, but I lost my phone. Next day wasn't much better, getting really shocking news. Then dorm stress again. And I was sick and had to deal with doctors and hospitals. Shit! I have have to make my insurance claim. >< And then I had to take a crap load of medication that messed up my sleep. I could barely stay up during class and ended up drinking multiple coffees during class. Still useless. 

I'm still doing bad in class. Korean is so difficult. But in a I-told-so kind of way, I'm happy. When I was last learning French, everyone told me that I wasn't putting an effort into it and they thought the only reason I did really good in Japanese and not French is because I didn't want to learn French. According to them, I took up Japanese fast cause I wanted to learn it. wtf Has it ever occurred to you that maybe Japanese is just an easier language to learn? For three years I've been trying to explain to people that Japanese is super easy compared to French. I don't need to relearn an alphabet I've known my whole life, vowels never change and pronunciation is super easy. (Also, I find learning kanji [Chinese symbols] really easy cause you can use them as a crutch and don't have to worry about spelling.) But no one believed me. Well suck it!!! I really want to learn Korean. I travelled half way across the world to learn it. But I suck at it. haha Ok, not really funny. Sad if anything. But I must find the silver lining to this sad situation right? I was right. It's a Taurus thing. Deal with it.

I have a new phone now. I went to Lantern Festival. I'm off all the meds. School festival, Teacher's Day and Buddha's Birthday was all this past week. I went a jazz festival yesterday and met a lot of really awesome people. Wow, I have people to make dirty jokes with now. haha 

Still some shitty things I must deal with, but I'm feeling a lot better. And semester is almost finished. Good and bad thing. Good cause I finally get to go to Gwangju and see old friends again. Bad cause I'm going to have to start saying goodbye to people soon. 

So I guess the point of this post was to explain why I haven't been blogging. haha So much on my plate, but it's clearing up. As crazy as the past three weeks have been, I have still managed to NOT hide in my bed and feel sorry for myself like usual. (Although I still sometimes am feeling sorry for myself.)  I have met so many people and experienced so many new things. (I got to meditate with some Buddhist nuns. So cool.) Also finally made it to Hello Kitty Café. Pretty sure I had planned for that to be one of my first stops in Korea. haha Thank you John for putting up with that.

Ok, proper posts on all that I've done to come. Still got stories from early April. wtf

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