You Need To Stop

***I typed this up over eight hours ago and I've had it sitting on queue just in case I think I'd regret posting it later. But fuck it. This needs to be said.***

"I didn't sleep last night. You probably shouldn't talk to me today."

This was my fb status this morning. Unfortunately someone didn't get up early enough today or didn't check fb before leaving for school. I'm already in a shitty mood. Was up all night stressing, crying and trying to figure a way to never have to go back to Canada. Then I get to class and I get schooled on my own life. wtf This isn't the first time either. So I was just about ready to smash something.

I will be the first to talk about how much I don't like Canada. If you're foreign to Canada and want to know about all the country has to offer, I'm NOT your person. I usually only see the bad. And it's difficult not to when I'm always seeing it or hearing about it. 

So today in class I make a comment about a very real safety issue in Canada and was literally laughed at. ಠ_ಠ Are you fucking kidding me!?! Who the hell are you? Then to go on and tell me about what life's like in Brazil. What the fuck does Brazil have to do with anything!?! We're not talking about Brazil and we're not comparing. You wanna know why we're not comparing? You've never been to Canada and I've never been to Brazil. So I have no right to talk about your country and you have no right to talk about mine. You have no fucking clue. You can listen to stories and read stats all you want, but you've never lived there. You cannot tell me about what life is like in Canada. You cannot tell me what MY life is like. Know your fucking place. Why some people so damn keen to talk about something they have no experience with?

I have never doubted anything you tell me about Brazil cause I am in no position to say anything about it. Outside of soccer, plastic surgery and hot weather, I know nothing about your country. So how would you like it if I come to you and start talking about issues in Brazil? How would you like it if every time you told me about a problem you have, I laughed in your face and went on to talk about how much worse it is somewhere else? That's fucking rude. That's disrespectful. You really can't see this?

Do you really think I just sit around all day and think of terrible things to say about Canada? You think I'm that bored with life? I wouldn't say these things if they weren't true and you have no right to laugh at my lived experiences. And the sarcastic comments and the end of the conversation... This one really necessary is it?

At the end of the day, you don't know me. So don't think it's ok to try to teach me about my life. You really don't know how good or bad I have it, so stop your nonsense. 

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